the sweet harmony/ with the day dreamer!

thesweetharmony.jpgHello everyone,

today i’m doing something really exciting which is that i’m starting a blogging series, and welcome to episode 1! in this new series i’m going to let my imagination take over and we’ll see where that takes us, please make sure to leave a comment down below telling me if i should post more of these and yeaah let’s get started.

what if you were walking in the morning going to school or work and all of a sudden you hear a beautiful song?! the sweet tunes of the music ringing through your ears, you start singing and you look around.. everyone else is singing the same song, some walking near you some driving their cars but you all feel connected by the rhythm and it’s like you are all unbreakable and at that moment it feels like nothing is impossible. what if life was a musical where WE create the music? what if we depend on music to express how we feel? what if we let the music release our pain?

a world where the melodies heal and the lyrics express, a world where we don’t need to talk but to sing a world where we can forget our differences and our genders and become one by the power of music. where in the afternoon you’re not bored because you connect with your friends through music weather that’s face to face or on the phone..such a world would be a great place to live in.

you sing a song and they respond with another, you don’t know each other but music brings you together… sure we all need silence from time to time but a world without music is like a world without colors, it’s too boring! you’re going for a walk and you’re singing, the person walking beside you knows the song so he starts singing with you and one after another you end up singing with complete strangers who you feel that you have known for absolute ages!!

just like that the simplest things in life can start the best things, when words fail music speaks and music never fails to explain so take the time and appreciate it and embrace it but don’t go overboard *cough cough*  music can pretty much help you all da time!

*wakes up from her daydream* well, i hope you guys enjoyed this let me know if you liked it and if i should keep writing this series. how do you think the world would be if it WAS a musical? would you like it? thank you all so so much for reading and i’m gonna have to end it here.

xx girly blogger

10 things you didn’t know about me!

10tydkam1.jpgHello everybody,

And welcome or welcome back to my blog! today I’m back with another post and this is going to be ’10 things you didn’t know about me’ as you can tell by the title, this is one of those get to know me type of posts and I really hope you’ll get to know me better and yeah without further ado let’s get into it.

1. I love K-pop:

I love the Korean music and I love the way they coreograph their dances! They’re filled with energy, excitement and emotions. I don’t really listen to korean music so much but I do like them. my favourite band is blackpink who I recently learned about from my friend and lemme just tell you.. they’re amazing!!

2. i’m so organized.. except with my school notebooks:

i hate not being organized as being organized helps me in everything plus it relaxes me! thought when it comes to my school notebooks.. it can get a little out of hand, it’s not really an option but i just can’t stay organized in my school notebook or books.. i always end up drawing all over them! anyone like me?

3. i’m kind of healthy:

i know shocker! i really like exercising but i’m too lazy to actually get up and do it but once i finally force myself to do it it feels so good and that makes me do that more often!

4. i pretty much live in my pjs:

i’m not proud of it and i don’t hate it either but most of the time i’m living in pjs *stares at the sky* wow, i really need to get out more! i’m sure SOME people could relate, right?

5. i’m obsessed with chocolate:

i loooveee chocolate! chocolate just makes everything 10 times better 🙂 and i think this one speaks for itself!

6. i tend to get distracted a lot:

weather i’m studying or singing or reading or doing pretty much anything i tend to get distracted.. my mind just wonders and i can’t help it! i dunno why but i think it’s only when i write (only blog posts not boring essays for school) that i don’t get distracted!

7. i’m singing 24/7:

yes, i know people are getting tired of me but what shall i do? i love singing way too much and i can’t go three hours without singing let alone being at school all day long, it’s just too boring for me to not sing! but i try to control myself as much as i can.

8. i’m a feminist:

at the start of this year and the end of last year i decided that i was a feminist… i can’t stand seeing women’s rights disappear and i can’t stand seeing women being judged! but here’s a massage to all you women out there: you can do whatever a man can do, nothing is impossible and you should not care about weather the people will or will not judge you as long as you’re happy with how you are!

9. i’m a libra:

so a really random fact i thought i’d throw into this post is that i’m a libra 🙂 and my star sign describes me perfectly!

10. i never loose hope:

never ever! i always have hope, hope that everything will be okay, hope that everyone has a good side, hope that i will succeed.. i always have hope no matter what! although sometimes i think my friends think i’m unrealistic because of that 🙂 but i’m just a believer.

and that brings us to the end of today’s post everyone i hope you liked it and i hope you got to know me a little better. thank you all so much for reading, what is one interesting fact about you? i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger



how to be productive

howtobeproductive.jpgHello everyone,

Exams are coming up and so i decided to give you all some tips on how to be productive! let me know if you found these helpful and make sure to let me know what you think in the comments down below! i don’t really know what else to say so let’s get started.

make a list: 

i cannot stress enough about how important this is! making a list has definitely saved me many times before and i know i’m not the only one, it makes you organized and overall it’s really helpful to be able to see all the things that you need to get done in front of you.

take a break:

YOU NEED THIS!! if you’re constantly working or studying or whatever without a break your brain will naturally get tired and you won’t be able to process or give anymore information and so you’re only wasting your time! so let’s say if you complete one hour revision you take a 15 minutes break or as i like to do you can set a goal and when you finish it you take a little break to check your phone or watch a video or whatever there is you want to do that won’t take long.

start early:

force yourself to start early and just do it, trust me this is the best way to do it! if you do this you might just be able to finish early and have the rest of the day to yourself and just the thought of that will motivate and rather than just spending all your day on your list you’ll finish it quickly. another thing you can do is workout early in the morning as it can really get you more motivated.

treat yourself:

now i’m sure this is too obvious and yes, i know you have seen this tip about a hundred times before but i just couldn’t not put it in this post! doing this will help you and motivate you and you’ll feel like ‘yeah, i don’t mind going through that again it was worth it!’ so just do it ONLY OF YOU DESERVE IT THO! 

clean your study space:

personally i hate studying or doing anything in a messy environment and so cleaning the place around me really relaxes me and makes me feel better about studying or really doing anything it’s just that being in a clean and tidy place just makes me feel good! i know that not all people agree on that maybe some like to study/work in a messy place (although i’m not really sure why!)

go for a walk:

a relaxing walk can really help you and so when you have finished half of what’s on your list take a break and go for a walk. you can do it with a friend, a sibling or if you have a pet.

so that’s all for today’s post i really hope you guys liked it and i hope you found these tips helpful. if you have any requests, thoughts or comments make sure to leave them down below. thank you for reading i’m gonna end it here i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger



Spring morning routine

springmorningroutineHello everybody,

Today I’m back with another routine post and as you can tell by the title this is going to be my spring morning routine! Since I went back to school yesterday from spring break I’m gonna be writing about my spring morning routine on the weekends because.. my my school morning routine didn’t really change since the last time I posted on it! Anyways I do not want to make this intro any longer so let’s just get right into it.

So the first thing I do when I wake up is get right back to sleep yes, you read that right! I love to wake up early but when i do I just can’t force myself to get out of bed so i just sleep for one or two more hours. And when I finally get out of bed I wash my face, brush my teeth and start getting ready! and as you probably know if you read any of my routine posts you know that if i’m not going anywhere (and being the VERY interesting person i am i probably wont be) i just like to stay in my pyjamas and let my hair loose.

i check all my social media and reply to comments then i go have my breakfast because you know.. most important meal of the day, right? then i would read some blog posts and watch some youtube videos (or in my current situation ’13 reasons why’ only 2 more episodes ahh) and i sometimes i like to write a little if i’m feeling motivated!

then i’d massage my friends because by this point i’m just bored and i know they are too. then because unfortunately i have exams i need to go study so when i feel that it’s time i would go and start studying and doing my homework and this is definitely the worst part of my day!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s post i hope you enjoyed it! thank you so much for reading let me know if your morning routine is anything like mine! i don’t really know what else to say haha! anyways, i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger ❤



tips for bloggers

tipsforbloggerspicHello everybody,

today i thought i would make this post even thought i’m not professional but i have been blogging for a while now (a year in two months!) and i have picked up a few things and so i decided to write this post also this is a collab with the glitter magazine and this was not actually a collab but i was talking to her and she is doing a ‘how i make my blog posts’ and so we decided to collab so make sure to check out her blog and her post and without further ado let’s get started.

take your time:

don’t rush a blog post it’s never a good idea, i mean yeah sometimes you have to but try to give yourself as much time as you can to write because if you’re rushing chances are you are not going to be producing the best content you can!


i cannot stress enough about how important it is to plan your posts, a) it makes you organized and b) it’ll be easier for you because you don’t have to stress about what your next post will be. planning might also motivate you a bit.

write in a relaxing environment:

the environment that you write in can really affect your posts, writing in relaxing beautiful environment can make your posts so much better and overall it will put you in a really good mood.

take photos:

I think adding photos to your blog posts always makes it so much better i mean i know not all bloggers do that but adding photos does add an element to your posts! before taking and editing my own photos i used to get them online and then i edited the photos i got online and then eventually i took and edited my own photos and now i’m happy with the way they are!

be yourself:

don’t pretend in your posts to be someone you’re not, write in a unique way and show your personality in every post let your readers know the real you because when you do start being yourself on your blog that’s when you’re gonna be happy with it the most.

social media:

social media is a great way to promote your blog but it also connects you with your readers and other blogger and it’s really important for you to be active on your social media as much as possible, promote your blog but don’t spam people.

write regularly:

maybe post every week on certain day this is something that can really help you and make you work harder because you know you have a deadline and you will also want to stick to your schedule.

And that brings us to the end of this week’s post everybody i hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to check out maryam’s (the glitter magazine) post and follow her blog. thank you for reading, i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger


why i love me tag!

thewhyilovemetag hello everyone,

so i have been tagged to do the ‘why i love me’ by thoughtful tash so thank you so much tash i really appreciate it! this is a tag to spread positivity and happiness, instead of thinking about what we hate about ourselves we think about what we love. i really like the idea of this tag… so let’s get started!


  • Post the award on your blog
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Leave a link to the original tag creator (ThoughtfulTash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag has been made!
  • Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY
  • Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
  • In the comments of the blog post, spread more self-love with compliments to each other! THE MORE LOVE THE BETTER!

why i love me:

  • I love… my bubbly personality

something i really love about myself is how bubbly i am (well, most of the time)  i’m always getting excited about silly things and i’m always talking, smiling, chatting and laughing!! and if there is nothing that makes me happy i’d probably remember a memory that does and i smile and some people find it weird but tbh i don’t care cause i like that.

  • I love… my hair

growing up i never really liked my hair i don’t know why but i just didn’t, but ever since last year i have been so grateful for it- i mean it’s not really hair goals or anything but it’s a little bit beautiful! i also love it’s color… which i’m not really sure of, some tell me it’s dirty blonde and some tell me it’s light brown but i think it depends on the lighting haha!

  • I love… my imagination

I’m always daydreaming and imagining things and i love that about me, god i don’t know what i would have done without that! imagination is like… escaping reality, you can imagine anything you want and forget all the drama- it simply makes me smile every time! i never daydream and not smile, laugh or cry because when i imagine things most of the time it’s meaningful and not empty.

  • I love… my love for adventures

this one may sound weird but it’s true! i LOVEEE adventures and i love that about me.. i love that i love discovering and i like that whenever there is a chance no matter where i am i would go on a little discovery trip. and if i have to i will break the rules for adventures (sometimes i’d drag my friends into that too) after all, rules are made to be broken!

  • I love… my ability to forgive people

I never hold grudges because i can’t and i don’t like to, no matter what the person did to me i always forgive people i mean yeah sometimes it can be a bit annoying but it’s a part of who i am! i sometimes forgive people without them even apologizing because i can never stay angry at someone for too long and i always end up forgiving them, BUT NEVER MISTAKE KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS!

  • I love… my creativity

i do think i’m a creative person and i have always been, i used to come up with different ideas and tell them to my friends and we would all work really hard on it together. my blog especially is somewhere that i like to put my creativity into.

  • I love… my voice

Music is a part of me and a lot of times I get compliments on my voice when I sing and personally i love my voice When I was younger I had an awful voice as I remember but now I quite like it!

  • I love… that I believe

I believe in so many things.. I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe that if you work hard it will pay off, i believe that no matter what at the end of the day god has your back and knows best. When I want something and people don’t believe it can happen because I believe I make it happen and this is one the best things about me.

  • I love… the way i look to the world

I believe I have a different eye to look at things and at the world,  I like to see the beauty in everything and I like to see the good in everyone… I can’t really describe it but I look at things in a different way that makes me happy!

  • I love… the way I am

I love the way I am I love the way I look and the way I think. I love my body even thought I have insecurities about it sometimes! I love my silly actions and the way I am to everyone, I love that I work hard on what I love and I love that I can stand up for myself and for other people.. I love being me.

I don’t want to nominate a few people as I think this is a lovely tag so if you want to do it please do it I would love to read it.

And that’s a wrap for today’s post everyone thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Again thank you tash for nominating me this is a great idea. let me know what you love about yourself down below! Also real quick I’m going to be posting twice a week now so on Saturday and Wednesday!! I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger ❤

fun fact: i’m a muslim.

my bucket list!

bucketlistphoto.jpgHello everyone,

today i’m back with another post and i decided to write my 2017 bucket list! now i have never really had a bucket list so this is a bit exciting for me. i also find bucket lists really interesting! anyways without further ado let’s get started.

go on adventures:

this is one of my biggest goals. i really want to go on adventures to new places and explore and have fun, i want to make memories! for 2017 i want to actually go on adventures and not just think about them… i’m down for adventures, and i’m not just saying this- i mean this! hopefully once school ends i will be able to go do it. and i’m so looking forward to it!

have a summer job:

now i have wanted to do this since the end of last summer and i don’t really know how i’m going to go on lots adventures and still have a summer job but i want to and i’ll try my best to make it happen! and honestly i’m only interested in one thing and that is to work at a nursery as i just love children and babies!

write songs more often:

so if you guys didn’t know (although you probably do) i like writing my own songs, it’s nothing professional but i love it- my only problem is that i don’t complete my songs and i want to write more songs and finish them! i’m not really going to do anything with them but it’s my hobby and i just want to work more on it.

be stronger:

by this i don’t mean physically but mentally and emotionally, i want to be able to stand tall through all the tough days in my life. i don’t want to fall apart because of what might happen to me! i can fake a smile really really well but i want more than that, i want to be strong no matter what i want to be me despite how the world and the people may be. and i’m learning and i’ll get there one day and i will be happy then.

read more books:

if you know me you know i love reading but i have a long long list of books that i want to read i just don’t always have the time! and so one of my goals is to read more books and enjoy them as much as i can. i’m currently reading ‘looking for alaska’ but it’s so sad and i’m not sure if i’m enjoying it!

blog more often:

and last but definitely not least i want to blog more often and i want to up my game. even thought i don’t always have time to write i want to try to blog as much as i can! speaking of, if you guys have any posts that you would like me to make in the future please make sure to comment down below!

and that was it for today’s post i hope you guys have enjoyed it, let me know what’s on your bucket list! i really hope i’ll achieve these things and make myself proud. thank you for reading i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger

fun fact: i currently have braces