online world


hello everybody,

on internet it’s easy to hide behind your screen and spread rumors about other people or hate on them but hating isn’t the solution respect people’s choices the world has enough problems, i try to make my little side of internet as positive as i can and that’s what you should do – you should focus on sharing something if there’s something that you love try to do it while spreading positive energy

instead of using internet to hate use it to help and don’t tell rumors if you don’t know the real facts, the world needs happiness.

so please every time you post something remember that at it might change something but it’s your choice so every time you post something or say something online or offline ask yourself this question

if it will change something will it change it for the better or for the worst?

will it help or hurt someone?

i hope you realize that internet was made to help people in an easy way and to spread love through the world not the opposite.

sunsetheart xoxo girly blogger


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