morning routine

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hello everyone,

so today i am posting about my morning routine when i am going outside the house,              so the first thing i do when i wake up is to check the time to see if it’s too early or should i wake up so anyways once i realize i should probably get out of bed i wake up and i go brush my teeth and wash my face and i tie my hair in a ponytail and i go make some breakfast and eat it while watching t.v, and after i’m done eating and watching t.v i go get ready when i feel that it’s time, and for normal days i don’t like wearing too much makeup so i will just put on my eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and maybe foundation and after i am done with my makeup i brush my hair maybe do some hairstyles without heat because i don’t like to use heat on my hair because it damages it and after my hair i stare at my wardrobe a little bit wondering what will i wear and when i finally pick the outfit that i will wear i go change and i pack my bag or purse or backpack whatever i decide to wear and i head outside for a walk or hangout with friends.

xoxo girly blogger



3 thoughts on “morning routine

  1. Aha! I’m the opposite at waking up. If I see that it’s early, I o back to sleep again😂 I hate putting heat on my hair as its thin and needs extra care and less heat. We have a similar morning routine! Loved the post xx


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