what to do when you are board


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hello everyone,

we all know how it feels when we are board and even when we think of something that we should do like cleaning our room or do chores we just don’t feel like it so today i will post my 5 things to do when you are board.

1.FIND A NEW HOBBY so searching for a new hobby can be very exciting and who knows you can really like it and you become very successful you can try lots of stuff until you find something that you can really enjoy maybe painting or playing the violin or try a new sport

2.DIY okay so you can find some really cool diys on pinterest or google or youtube and it is so fun so go try that out and leave me a comment down below on how it goes

3.LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE okay so this might seem like a joke but its not learning a new language is hard but you can take just 15 minutes a day and learn a lot i am learning a language that i love also a new language is a great way to fill your time with and it will impress your friends and family and it can help you in school collage or work so if you do learn a new language leave me a comment in English or whatever the language that you learn

4.SPA WITH FRIENDS okay so a spa with your friends is a great way to relax and you can do it yourself with some lush products

5.READ SOME BOOKS reading is fun and exciting you can use your imagination so you can go find a good book or a collection of books and start reading

okay guys so i hope that you enjoyed my post and thank you for taking the time and reading my post leave me a comment down below and like and follow and ya that’s all for today.

xoxo girly blogger


8 thoughts on “what to do when you are board

  1. Hey, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and found this post really useful- it’s given me loads of inspiration of what to do this summer! I’m also studying German and although it can sometimes get tricky, I really enjoy learning about their language and German culture. What language are you learning?
    I’ve just begun my own blog as a hobby and would really appreciate if you have a spare moment if you could visit it and give me some feedback on my first post! Thanks for your time, hopefully speak again soon x


    1. hi! i’m so glad my post helped you, i’m studying french it’s fun but it’s also tricky ad i believe that every language can get tricky at some point.
      blogging is amazing and i’m sure that you will enjoy it and of course i will check out your blog and give you my feedback and advise, i would love to speak and chat and contact with you. xx


  2. Whenever I’m bored I always look for a new hobby and that’s how my blog was made! Now when I’m bored I just write a blog post. And DIYs are a great way of killing time as you can spend little to no time! I totally agree with the spa with friends because it’s nice have friends around to make you laugh. Also, I’m a sucker for reading. I’m a huge bookworm and will be reading for hours!

    Loved your post xx


    1. exactly! i always love to try to new things to do when i’m board, yes a spa with friends is amazing and i’m glad that you agree! i love reading so much and i’m trying to search for new books to read if you have any recommendations i would love to hear them (or read them). thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read books on watt pad and they are just normal people who write amazing books! From the app I recommend storm and silence xx


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