my secret getaway

Secluded-Intown-Treehouse-by-Peter-Bahouth-4hotels-palm-beach-gardens-10-15bestresortingoamustard_flower_field-wallpaper-1280x1024hello my lovely readers,

so in today’s post i will be writing about my perfect getaway and just for you to know it is just inside my head i didn’t actually go there so here is a peak inside my mind.

a quiet peaceful place behind some huge trees were there is a beach the place is beautiful and there is no one except my friends and family away from haters and mean people were everyone is kind and sweet, happiness is spreading every were and everyone is having fun

and there is also a place that is not too far from the beach but not so close, a beautiful strong treehouse were everyone can meet up and we can all talk its not so big and its simple but we all enjoy it and right down the treehouse there is a forest and in the forest there are tons of trees and bushes and a thin road through the forest and into a beautiful garden were there are colorful flowers and roses and there are two benches, the garden leads to fields of flowers the place is so beautiful.

thank you so much for reading my post i hope you enjoyed it i would love to see what your perfect getaway would look like you can comment it down below or if you have a blog you can write on it and tell me and i would be happy to go read it.

xoxo girly blogger



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