my day of adventure

hillssunrise-sunset-sun-calculatorWonderful-Lake-Wallpapers7007018-sunset-in-park      hello everyone,

i love creating stories about places in my head and what i do there (they are not  real they are all made up in my head) and these wont be my only posts i will post about a lot of other things but i had this idea and i thought of writing it on my blog.

with my friend we head off and walk early in the morning till we find a small hill, we walked and got to the top the view is beautiful and since there was no one seeing us we decided to do some yoga and it was so relaxing then we kept on running on top of the hill

all the way running down the hill and to the lake we sit down by the lake and we start singing together and all of a sudden she jumps up and sprays me with water and i run away from her and then run towards her and spray her with water and we kept on spraying water on each other and laughing then we got dry and made up some crazy dance moves

she gets out some snacks and as the sunsets we’re both sitting side by side watching the sunset i hold her hand get up and we both run to the park

we go to the park and ride bikes for a long time and after that we say goodbye and head to home.

thank you for reading my post i hope you enjoyed it comment down below what would your amazing adventure be thank you for all your support you are all so sweet.

xxx                                                                                                                                                                           -girly blogger


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