5 things i want to do before summer ends!

5 thing i want to do before sumer ends5 thing i want to do before sumer ends (2)5 thing i want to do before sumer ends (1)

hey everyone,

today i will post 5 thing i want to do before summer ends because there is somethings that i want to do but because i have been a little busy i didn’t have the chance to and before i start this post i want to announce that i finally have an instagram for my blog so yaaay! my instagram is @girlyblogger.xx and there i will be mentioning when i upload a new post along with other photos to places that i go and stuff like that so make sure to check it out and follow and i started using canva.com (i just started so sorry if the photos are not so good) which is a photo editing website and i found out about it from http://www.rosetintedpics.wordpress.com so you should go check her blog out its amazing i don’t want this to be any longer so lets get started.

1.get a summer job-so something that i always wanted to do is get a summer job but i have been busy with something exciting in my life (probably only exciting for me) and once it happens i will be sure to write a post about it i think that it is so soon, the summer job i really want to get is to work in a bookstore because i am a huge bookworm also i got ‘all the bright places’ yesterday.

2.get a cat- okay so i know that for most teens and kids a puppy is the perfect pet but it is also a lot of work and so is a cat but i sometimes get scared of dogs even thought i love them because the’re adorable and cute but i also love cats (also if i get a puppy my sisters would play with him all the time and i wont have time to spend with him.)

3.go on a holiday-i usually go on holidays in summer every year with my family but because we were busy this year we didn’t go there is still a chance that we can go but i’m not sure.

4.get a new camera-i have been wanting to get a new camera ever since i started this blog but i’m still searching and i will hopefully get it once i’m done with all the busy things i’m doing.

5.be more active-i really want to start being more active and go outdoors and ride my bike and play sports i also want to have a few minutes of meditation everyday.

and that is it for today i hope you enjoyed my post comment down below a few thing you want to do before summer ends and i want to thank you guys so much for 40+ followers you are all so amazing thank you so much for all your support you all make my days so thank you.♥

xx – girly blgger


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