my top 10 favorite fun things to do!

my top 10 fun thingsto doMEXIC (1)MEXIC (2)MEXIC (4)MEXIC (3)hello everyone,

today’s post is a collab with the lovely pinkprincessolivia (  and honestly i love her blog so much so definitely check it out. also thank you all so much for 50+ followers we’re half way to one hundred thank for all your sweet comments and support i love you all so much!

1.blogging-if your not a blogger i recommend you to try it (even thought you’re probably a blogger) blogging is amazing and i love it so much blogging is something that made me way more happier and i feel like i found the thing that i can be myself in it and feel confident. don’t have a camera yet but i love taking photos of nature and beautiful objects and i really like editing photos whether they are my own photos or photos from the internet.

3.dancing (ballet)-i always loved dancing and if you didn’t know and you probably didn’t i’m a ballet dancer but i don’t dance at a studio i try to learn on my own until i can find a good studio in my area. is a great exercise and it helps a lot in relaxing the person and i love meditation as it helps to clear my head and it also calms me down.

5.drawing-i love drawing patterns its so much fun and i definitely recommend it, i don’t take drawing seriously i just like drawing patterns and its really fun to just mess around with shapes and patterns and doodles and colors trust me its fun. riding-riding a bike is really fun it just feels so free and amazing and i love riding my bike so much. so of course i love listening to music but i also love making them, i love writing songs and playing on my electric guitar (even thought i don’t know how to play it) but i figure out things, and i recently found this website called and i didn’t listen much to it but its basically a website that you enter your mood and the style of music that you want and it finds music that is based on that.

8.write/read-i love writing so much especially writing blog posts and i love reading so much starting from books all the way to blog posts and i’m currently reading ‘all the bright place’. by ‘discover’ i mean to discover blogs that i didn’t know about and youtube channels but mostly blogs.

10.connect with you all-i really LOVE connecting with you all through comments and massages and chats because you are all so amazing and sweet.

and that was it for today’s post thank you for reading my post and i love you all so much i hope you enjoyed it and comment down below things that you love to do.

xx girly blogger


25 thoughts on “my top 10 favorite fun things to do!

  1. Hi, just wondering, what software do you use for the titles on the images. It looks so cool! I was hoping I could use it for my blog…
    Love your blog 😉

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