the bright garden + q&a announcement

the bright gardenthe bright garden (2)the bright garden (1)Untitled design (1)hey everyone,

today i will be posting another one of my stories and i have done 2 others before which are ‘my secret getaway’ and ‘my day of adventure’ so make sure to check that out after this post if you haven’t already keep in mind that these stories are made up they are not real and these stories are kind of a “series” that i am making on my blog also make sure to stay till the end for a Q&A announcement i hope you enjoy it and lets get started.

i have gone for a walk in a beautiful weather and while i’m walking i found an empty strange road i looked around no one was there so i decided to go on a little discovery trip, as i’m walking there are flowers on both of my sides the road is finally over and i see a wide beautiful garden were there are lots of flowers and trees and bushes i go in and there is a huge tree and there is stairs all the way to the top of the tree i climb up and there are two tiny birds sleeping and in order not to wake them up i go down and i see a river so i run over there to check it out i look down there and there are colorful fishes and they look so pretty and there is a small bridge which i cross and i keep on walking and looking at the beautiful flowers

and out of the corner of my eye i see a beautiful peacock i hide behind the bushes as fast as i can watching it, finally it went away i take a step forward and keep on walking and surprisingly i see a cat running towards me i pet it and i start walking, it walks with me and after walking a long time i sit under a huge tree and i play with the cat

after that i stand up and start walking and i see a small cute house i knock on the door but no one answers i knock again and no one answers i look through the window and no one is there so i decide to go back but immediately a sweet woman comes out the door she invites me in and we spent the rest of the day talking and chatting.



i decided to make a school Q&A post so i would love if you would ask me school related questions in the comments or on my instagram which is @girlyblogger.xx

and that is it for today’s post i hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to leave all your questions and requests in the comments and thank you for reading my post.

xx girly blogger


17 thoughts on “the bright garden + q&a announcement

  1. Which calss are you going?
    What helps you most surviving School/ having fun at School?
    DO you think School is always boring?
    One very funny Thing which happened at School?
    Are you going to upload smething back to School like?

    xxx excited for the Q&A

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