School Q&A!

Q&AQ&a (1)hello everyone,                                                                                                                                                   its here my Q&A is here, in my last post i announced that i will be doing a school q&a and here i am doing it right now yaaay! and i’m so excited because this is my first back to school post anyways let get started with the questions.

what is your favourite subject in school?                                                                                                   my favourite subject in school is English because i obviously love writing.

do you have a school uniform?                                                                                                                       yes actually i do have a school uniform.

what helps you the most surviving school/having fun at school?                                                     the thing that helps me the most to survive school is finding something else to focus on beside school for me it was dance before i started blogging, also a quick tip is to go around saying i love school for an hour or a day and it does help!

how do you handle lots of homework?                                                                                                        when i have lots of homework i start with the easiest and get snacks and maybe take a five minute break when i get tired and then i continue

one funny thing which happened in school?                                                                                           this one is so hard because my class is hilarious and i can never think of the most funniest thing that happened…i can’t find one but for a strange reason whenever the principal walks in our class we laugh so hard after he leaves

what is your number 1 tip for making friends?                                                                                          i feel like when it comes to making friends all you got to do is be yourself and just go say hi ask them about there name and talk to them

are there good things about your school? bad things?                                                                         of course my school has good things and bad things and i feel like its getting better as a school

do you think school is always boring?                                                                                                         no, i think that sometimes school can be interesting

what are your top tips for revision?                                                                                                             my tips for revision and studying is to read your notes or books out loud when you’re studying also i heard that when you surround yourself with the color yellow it helps you stay focused and maybe have study dates with your friends

what is the worst thing about school?                                                                                                        the worst thing about school is when i study so hard but i still can’t understand something

what do you normally have for breakfast before school?                                                                     i normally just have a simple sandwich or cereal and maybe a juice with whatever i have

what is your favourite and least favourite thing about school?                                                          my favourite thing about school is meeting my friends everyday and excitement of going back to school, my least favourite thing about school is having tests (and exams)

what has been your favourite year at school so far?                                                                                i’m not sure lets just hope that it will be this year till summer 2017

whats your favourite part about preparing for back to school?                                                           my favourite thing about preparing for back to school is getting a new bag and getting cute stationary

what do you do to unwind after school?                                                                                                     after getting all my schoolwork/homework done i like to watch tv and watch youtube videos and eat some snacks to unwind and relax a bit

do you enjoy school?                                                                                                                                         yes, sometimes i actually do enjoy school!

what is your favourite place to buy stationary from?                                                                             i would have to say target even thought i don’t have a one in the place where i live so i don’t buy from it but i really love all its stationary

what would you change about your school uniform?                                                                             honestly i don’t like it so i would change the whole uniform hahaha

are you excited for back to school?                                                                                                               yes very excited!

are you going to upload something back to school alike?                                                                   yes i will be uploading back to school posts so comment down below what types of back to school posts you want to see!

these are all the questions for today i hope you enjoyed my post and i hope i answered all your questions comment down below your requests i love you all so so so much and i’m sorry if it was short or long happy day or night whatever it is in your country now.

xx girly blogger


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