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Untitledbacktoschoolboardbacktoschoolwithmehello everyone,

as people are getting back to school i thought i would make a study tips and tricks post and i found these on youtube buzzfeed and google, this is also my second back to school post and i know i’m a little late i’m so sorry i hope this tips help you and lets go.

#surround yourself with the color yellow because it helps you stay focused

#rewrite your notes and read them out loud it helps you memorize them more

#before studying look at pictures of cute animals it gets you motivated for studying

#use scholar google instead of google for school

#have a time for when you study or make your homework so you don’t daydream while studying (it happens to all of us)

#reward yourself

#teach what you study weather you teach it to a human or just your stuffed animals the best way to understand something is to teach it

#use different colored pens for taking notes or studying

#have your own study place and decorate it in your room or not, make it motivating to studying

#have a to do list it helps you stay organized and you can finish all your work early

#decorate your planner to get motivated

okay guys these are all the tricks and tips for this post and i hope you enjoyed it and i hope these helped you i will be definitely using these in school a lot comment down below if you have any requests for me to do thank you for reading today’s post.

xx girly blogger


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