my school morning routine

myschoolmorningroutinemyschoolmorningroutine1myschoolmorningroutine2hello everyone,

today i’m back with another back to school post and this post is a collaboration with the amazing blogstyleitout and she is doing a morning routine school edition so definitely check that out after you read my post and i have done a morning routine before for summer so if you want to check that out here is the link  and lets get started.

my mother wakes me up at 5:45 and i pretend i’m awake until she leaves the room and then i go back to sleep but she wakes me up again, and this time i do wake up i get out of bed and wash my face and brush my teeth i put my hair up in a ponytail and i get dressed

and i have a school uniform so the night before i iron it and get it ready for the morning,after i put on my school uniform i wear my shoes and now its time for my hair

so for my hair i don’t really use any heat on it so i usually just do a hairstyle or braid it different ways

and once i like the way my hair looks i check my bag to make sure i have everything i need for the day and i usually plan my bag the day before so i don’t wast time on it in the morning.

after that i grab my breakfast and watch t.v while eating it

and after i finish my breakfast if i still have time before i have to go to school i catch up on all my social media and maybe even watch some youtube videos and then its time for school.

i hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and don’t forget to check out blogstyleitout her blog is amazing and comment down below if you have any requests i’m doing a’what’s in my school bag’ soon because it has been really requested from you guys so i’m going to do it soon i love you all so so so much.

xx girly blogger


2 thoughts on “my school morning routine

  1. I had so much fun doing this with you, this post was great- my mum wakes me up too ha ha! 🙂 x x I would really like to collaborate again in the future, I love our little chats and your blog is amazing, I feel so lucky to be able to call you one of my blogging friends ❤

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