100 followers!!! thank you

hello everyone,

OMG!!! i just hit 100 followers last night and i wanted to thank you all, i love you all so much and these are not just words, thank you for the love and support i cant believe how much our community has  grown in just a few months this is truly amazing i got the chance to meet so many amazing people and you all put a smile on my face and i thought of doing a 100 followers ‘special’ and i know that only famous youtubers do that and i don’t mean to say that i have the most huge following (because obviously i don’t) but i just think its going to be fun and its a……. community name and i know that bloggers don’t really do that but i want to try it so please comment down below what you think is  a good name i was honestly thinking about something that has the word ‘love’ and we put on it a twist i don’t know tell me what you think in the comments below and maybe this will inspire other bloggers to do the same thing, anyways i love you guys so much you are all amazing and sweet i love you from deep deep down in my heart.

xx  girly blogger



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