my school night routine

myschoolnightroutinemyschoolnightroutine1hello everyone,

today i’m back to you with another back to school post and i don’t know why but i love routines so much i love watching them i love writing them and in my latest back to school post i made a school morning routine and i thought it would be fun to make a night routine for school and i hope that you guys don’t get board of reading this but i promise i don’t think i will make another routine soon so don’t worry and lets get started.

my night routine usually starts after i get home from school, i go to my room and put my bag down and take off my shoes and then after a long day at school i feel disgusted so i go in the shower and after that i change to my pyjamas and i know a lot of people just change to some comfy clothes but i like to change to my pyjamas, anyways after that i’m hungry so i get my food and eat with my family.

after that i go to my room to get my homework done and when i’m finally done i take a break to watch some t.v and relax, and then i have to go study because… i just have to weather i have to study for a test or just study in general.

and then i grab a snack and watch some youtube and i started blogging this summer and i’m not back at school yet so i didn’t really have anything to do with blogging, anyways after that if i have anything to do like workout or something i get it done and maybe goof around a little in my room and if i have energy i turn on the music and choreograph a dance.

and then i take my phone and chat with my friends and call some of them and sit with my family and check my social media and watch t.v (again) and then i’m board there is nothing on t.v and i don’t want to watch youtube and i realize something…

i can read my book! and whatever book i have at that time i like getting a drink and getting cozy and start reading…… and after i have read so much that my eyes start hurting me a little i leave my book and i realize that its actually getting late and i should get ready for bed so i brush my teeth and put my hair up in a bun or braid it and i watch something on t.v or youtube and i get in my bed and get all cozy and sleep.

and that is it for today’s post i hope you enjoyed it comment down below if you have any requests that you want me to do i love you all so so so much.

                                                                                                xx girly blogger


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