what’s in mybackpack!

hello everyone,

it has been so long i miss you all so much! this post is my last back to school post this year and this has been so requested from you guys so i’m finally doing it! also i just found out a few days ago that my parents still have there old camera so i asked them if i can borrow it to practice on it till i get a new camera so i’m so sorry the pictures look bad but i tried taking them in a better way so many times. also this post will not contain photos of everything but i will surely write them down even if i didn’t take photo’s of them…and lets go!

whatsinmybackpack1.jpgso starting off with my actual backpack and it is a jansport backpack and i think it looks so cute and it is big enough to fit all my stuff, i was thinking of putting some patches on it but i still like it this way!whatsinmybackpackdesign-edit2whatsinmybackpack3so first thing when i open my backpack is all my textbooks and notebooks (that are mostly not cute) and i am planning on diying this binder so if you have any ideas leave them down below in the comments or even make a post about it and let me know!whatsinmybackpack5.jpgnext up i got my pencil case and in it all my pens, pencils, math stuff etc.      i really like this pencil case and i think its so cute although i’m not a big fan of bright Orange.whatsinmybackpack2whatsinmybackpack8here is a little peak to what’s in my pencil case and all the things i use for writing some things i use for math and a glue and an eraser and of course… highlighters!!!whatsinmybackpack6.jpgmoving on i got my planner and once i saw it i thought it was so girly and cute and i got it and i think a planner is really helpful for all students so if you don’t have a planner i recommend you to go get one.

and then i got some files and binders.

and now to the second pocket which has my water bottle to stay hydrated through the day and my lunch and i take my own lunch to school!

and that was all in my backpack thank you all so much for reading and if you are new here don’t forget to follow me to receive an email every time i publish a post. i post every Saturday and Wednesday. and if you have been here for a while you would probably know that i make up stories and post them on my blog and i haven’t done that in a while so i’m going to be doing that along side my normal posts, if you have any requests be sure to leave them in the comments down below i love you all so so so much.

xx girly blogger


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