wonder world

wonder-world1hello everyone,

so as you may know i like posting about stories and adventures that i come up with and i haven’t done that in so long and i have decided that i will be doing them again a lot and better so after reading this let me know in the comments down below if you prefer these types of posts or the lifestyle posts and i’m sorry i only uploaded one photo but i am working with an old camera at the moment till i get a new camera and i have to shoot in my house as i don’t have a studio space and i can’t get out anytime i want plus i have to work with all the materials i have in my home so i need to get really creative 😦 and yes this book is girl online on tour hahaha XD

from getting a smoothie to having a great adventure remi did not know what was waiting for her! and as she was walking through the park she saw a purple light followed by a green light followed by a blue light, and so the colors began to appear and disappear and as remi is the curious person she is she walked towards the light, finding a whole in the ground and as she leaned forward to take a closer look she slipped and fell sliding all the way down. She didn’t know where she was, took a look around and got up the walls were covered with bright colors and so was the floor. All of a sudden all the colours flew off the walls and the floor leaving there space pale. Remi screamed ‘help’ but no one hears her she tried to climb her way back up but it ended with failure and out of the corner of her eyes she sees a green door with leaves and flowers, and as she has lost hope in climbing her way back up she opened it and walked in. She found a garden with long long flowers! The garden is huge as it is empty. She walked, and walked and walked! with no sigh of a way back home or anyone around her, remi bursted into tears and suddenly she heard a voice behind her back “hello” she jumped in shock and looked behind her…

standing there was a fine looking lady wearing a long pink dress, “if you want to go back home, go this way” she said pointing to a small hill that is not so far from where they were standing, she waved goodbye and went away. Remi started to run to that hill and when she was finally there she looked around for any doors or paths that may lead her back home but she haven’t found anything, so quickly and suddenly someone grabed her hands and started running and went hiding behind a big tree.  “who are you? what are you doing?” remi asked “i’m maddi, listen there is someone who will guide you back home. He  is coming now, good luck hehehe” she said running away and giggling. She waited under the tree and finally  a young boy showed up, waved to her and started walking she got up and followed him and after walking for a long time they finally arrived “behind this little house you will be able to find your way back home” he said, and waved and ran away. She went behind the little house and found the same exact same room except on this one there are stairs she ran so quickly and got up the stairs, she saw the other side of the park from down there she took a last look at the room and at the place all the colours flew of the walls and off the floor “goodbye wonder world.”

and this was it for today’s post comment down below if you would like to see more of these posts or the other lifestyle posts! i’m so sorry the photo is not good 😦 i hope you enjoyed today’s post thank you for reading this 🙂 i love you all so so so much ❤

xx girly blogger 


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