summer vs autumn: a day in my life

autumnvssummer.jpg     (these photos are not mine i didn’t have time to take some photos but this is my edit)

hello everyone,

first of all i know i posted a blog post yesterday but the reason why i’m uploading this post today is because i think i’m going to be offline for a few weeks and i won’t be able to blog so i just wanted to post this today anyways,  since it is now fall aka the best time of the year 🙂 i thought of doing a summer vs fall post and i think these “vs” posts are always entertaining and i wanted to do a day in my life for a while now and i thought of mixing these two posts together anyways without further ado lets get started!!!

summer:                                                                                                                                                                                      i can sleep in as much as i want and when i finally want to get up i wash my face and brush my teeth and then i make myself  breakfast and get my laptop and watch some youtube or watch tv and after that i will check all my social media and check my blog and reply to comments and catch up with you guys. And when i feel like i’m ready, i head to my room and start getting ready. in summer i’m actually sometimes motivated to workout so i would wear my workout clothes and grab my yoga mat and i can maybe workout inside the house or outside, so for my workout routine i don’t really do much but i can mention that in another post if you guys would like to see it so if you would comment down below. and now i would take a shower to feel all  clean, then i would text my friends to see if we can go out and where and then i go get dressed!  first of all i pick out my outfit and this takes a while! i grab my outfit and my shoes and get dressed and after that i start brushing my hair and see how i want to wear it and i normally just let it down and now onto my makeup and i don’t like wearing too much make up so i just go with a simple look, i grab my bag (or purse) and i’m ready to go!  we would maybe  go to the mall and something that we always do is that we go to any store and we try on so many things and we don’t actually buy anything at all we just take photos in them. And then one of us (i would probably be that one) wants to go to like body shop to get a candle so we all go there and after that we get some snacks and we can maybe go to the movies afterwards. And after that we would all say goodbye and head back home! And after a long day i would change into my pyjamas and relax, then i would plan some blog posts and finish some of them, and eat dinner with my family and read a book and of course i will have to check the internet and get ready for bed and go to sleep…


i have school so my mother would wake me up and i would go brush my teeth and wash my face and i have a school uniform so i don’t have to plan any outfits i just iron my uniform and the night before so its all ready in the morning! i put on my shoes and i go to style my hair and on school days i like to try different braids and hairstyles or if i’m running late a ponytail or a bun would do it. and my school does not allow students to wear makeup 😦 then my backpack would already be ready because i also plan it at night and i have been doing this for so long and it saves so much time! and now i would eat breakfast while watching tv and after that if i have time i would check my blog maybe edit some blog posts and photos. then i go to school and have a normal school day or maybe an exciting one! and then i go back home and if take a shower, and if i don’t have so much homework and schoolwork i can go out to buy ice cream with my family  or i can meet with my friends but in most school days i would stay home and study and get stuff done. after coming back home (weather i went out or just after school) i eat with my family and then i start with my homework and after getting it done i would take a ten minutes break and go see if i have to study for any test and weather i do or don’t i start studying and after getting ALL my work done i go check my phone and check the internet in general and then sit with my family and then the rest of the night i can make myself hot chocolate and get all cozy and watch tv, check youtube, chat with my friends! and by this point its getting a little late so i start getting ready for bed and… sleep!

so that was it for this post thank you so much for reading this and this and this is what my day looks like but many days i’m just lazy and my day is not really interesting, anyways i hope you guys enjoyed reading this and comment down below if you have any requests or ideas for future posts i love you all so so so much. ❤

xx girly blogger


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