my autumn must haves!


hello everyone,

first of all sorry i haven’t been able to post as i didn’t have wifi but i’m staying at my grandma for a few days and when i’m back home i will try to write some posts offline then come and post it here until we have wifi again. alsooooo enter my code ‘Thegirlyblogger’ on to get 10% off!

Its autumn we are all getting cozy in our homes with all our autumn things wrapped up in blankets, so I decided to show you all my autumn must haves! Anywayssss let’s get started!!

Starting off with the biggest autumn must have which I’m pretty sure most of you will relate to it… candles! Candles are a MUST during autumn and I just love them so much! They smell amazing and they put me in this autumn vibe, you know what I mean? I definitely suggest the body shop for some incredible candles!

Next up on my autumn must haves is cozy clothes meaning, pj’s, jackets, blankets (yes, you read that right!) basically I NEED to get all warm and cozy but only when it’s actually the autumn weather because where I live it still feels like summer! And I love wrapping myself in cozy clothes in cold weather!

And of course after lighting up my candles and wrapping myself in some warm clothes the next thing I need is a good book to read and distract myself from school and all my responsibilities, so if you guys have any recommendations be sure to leave them in the comments down below I would love to hear what books you guys like reading.

Autumn fashion, I have talked about cozy clothes but I haven’t talked about autumn fashion! Autumn is one of the most fashionable seasons, and i HAVE to get some cute autumn clothes for it to actually feel a little more autumnal!

And for it to actually feel like autumn I need to decorate my room, even if it’s just a few decorations.

Makeup and skincare are a huge aspect as well, for makeup I don’t wear too much! A lipstick, a blush, an eyebrow pencil and a black eyeliner will do it. And then I get some masks and scrubs!

I never actually wear these because I never find them cute and when I do they are not my size, but I have always wanted to get these cute little autumnal hats! I think they are just so adorable.

And this is it for this post thank you guys so much for reading this! Comment down below some of your autumn must haves! Halloween posts coming soon so comment down below all your requests let me know what you would like to read about! I already have two posts in my head but comment down below what Halloween posts you would like to see. I love you all so so so much thank you for supporting me and for being so sweet and taking the time out of your day to read my posts I appreciate every single one of you!

xx girly blogger


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