Halloween costume ideas

halloweencostumeideasphoto.jpghello everyone,

so for today’s post i’m so excited because this is a collab with one of my youtube friends ‘itseviex’ so make sure to check out her channel here: http://www.youtube.com/itseviex  its amazing and i love her so much, and her video will be going up tomorrow so don’t forget to check that out! anyways, So as you can tell by the title today I am going to be doing my halloween costume ideas and these are all so adorable and of you are not going to any party a blog post for you is going up so soon! And I don’t want to ramble much so let’s get started!

wolf: so for the first costume this is so adorable and you can style it in many different ways and it will look so cute and so fashionable and you can find many tutorials on youtube!

channel no. (1): and if you want to go to a party looking classy and elegant channel no. (1) from scream queens is definitely the right costume for you.

nerd: now this one is definitely a last minute costume idea because it is super easy super simple and super cute!

kylie jenner: now kylie’s style is one fleek and you can find any photo of her that you like and copy her style and you can search on the internet of where you can find similar clothes to her’s.

harley quinn: and of course I had to add the beautiful Harley Quinn as I LOVE her style so much even though it doesn’t match mine, And her makeup is actually so easy and you can find many tutorials on youtube as well as how you can diy her costume.

vampire: this costume never goes out of style and you can also find tutorials on youtube and you can find its costume or you can wear normal clothes and match it too look like a costume.

snapchat filters: a huge trend right now that is mind blowing is dressing as a snapchat filter for Halloween and my favourite snapchat filter at the moment is the deer filter! And you can find it as well on youtube XD

special cat: now the normal cat is really basic and it is super cute but why not go big and be a special cat! You can be a fancy cat, a scary cat, cowcat (my combination of a cowgirl and a kitty cat) or you can come up with your own idea!

scary little red ridding hood: I found this idea on pinterest and I thought that it is scary enough for Halloween but cute enough for a party J

unicorn: okay so this may sound a little childish BUT I found this also on pinterest and if you head to my pinterest which should be somewhere on the screen beside this you will be able to see how amazing it looks!

russel from up: and honestly this last one I wasn’t going to do it but I found a lot of people talking about it so I thought, why not?

And that is it for this post thank you all so much  for reading I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments down below what are you going to be and what you think I should be because I have no idea I wanted to be Harley Quinn but a lot of my friends are also thinking of it so I don’t know…  also comment down below any requests that you want me to do! I love you all so so so much!

xx girly blogger


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