40 facts about me!


Hello everyone,

Soooo today I’m going to be doing a 40 facts about me so you guys can get to know me a little better also a lot of you guys have asked me about certain things that I will be answering in this post… so yaa, let’s get started!

  1. my name is Jana
  2. i’m from Egypt
  3. my favourite colors are bright pink and bright blue
  4. my favourite youtubers are zoella and Alisha marie
  5. i am a huge bookworm
  6. i currently have braces
  7. I’m totally this crazy girl in my group of friends, yet a lot of times I’m just… mysterious
  8. I love charities
  9. i like writing my own songs
  10. I’m so not talented at drawing XD
  11. I love diy’s but i end up failing most of the time
  12. I have been nominated for about 5 online award ❤
  13. I have only posted on two of them because when I got nominated for the others I was so busy with other posts
  14. I day dream.. a lot
  15. I have the world’s silliest friends
  16. my favorite songs at the moment are treat you better and cold water
  17. I’m going to a ballet audition after 2 days to start practicing in a studio instead of practicing on my own
  18. I’m currently writing this offline
  19. I have 2 sisters
  20. i used to dream about becoming a fashion designer when I was younger
  21. i’m currently reading ‘all the bright places’ but for some reason whenever I plan on reading it I just don’t
  22. I am waiting for ‘girl online 3’ and I’m so excited
  23. before creating my blog I wanted to make a youtube channel but wasn’t allowed, but after making my blog I don’t want to do it anymore I prefer blogging
  24. I wanted to write my own novel and I tried it twice but got bored
  25. I moved to a new house about a month and a half ago (which you would know if you have been reading my blog for a while)
  26. I’m in the middle (between my 2 sisters)
  27. I LOVE dancing
  28. my social media is somewhere on the screen beside this post… you should go follow me XD
  29. I didn’t know that writing this would be so hard!
  30. i know I’m blessed, we all are
  31. I write some quotes and stick them on my planner
  32. okay, seriously this is so hard
  33. i miss my old home a bit
  34. my little sister is dancing a silly dance right now ❤
  35. my friend is making an online magazine right now with my help (on the phone) and I will be mentioning its name and link in my next post
  36. i really don’t know what to write…
  37. I’m tiny and short considering my age
  38. one of my friends is coming over now
  39. she just got here
  40. I’m so grateful for you guys

Okay so that was it for today’s post I hope you have enjoyed it and got to know me a little better, and thank you for reading this I’m forever grateful for you guys!

xx girly blogger


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