what to do on a lazy day!

whattodoonalazydaypic1.jpgHello everybody,

And welcome back to my blog! Today I’m collabing with the lovely Amelia ( www.rosetintedpics.wordpress.com ) so definitely go check out her blog because it’s amazing, she is going to be posting about her ‘autumn essentials’ and I’m going to be doing a ‘what to do on a lazy day’ XD and I wanted to make this a bit different because I didn’t want it to be all about candles and hot chocolate (as I did in some of my recent posts) so this is not going to be specifically about autumn and yaaaa… let’s get started!

A fun thing to do on a lazy day is to bake or even just make some drinks! It’s easy and it doesn’t take effort yet it doesn’t make you lying around all day, because even a lazy day needs a little work, right? And then after making yourself some snacks or just a drink you can lay on your couch in front of your tv… it IS a lazy day after all.

And of course reading a good book is always a great idea on any day! So just grab your favourite book, get comfortable and enjoy! And if you have any book recommendations please be sure to leave them in the comments down below. ❤

Write some blog posts, writing blog posts is something that I always enjoy doing and I highly recommend it when being board, lazy (or just in general) you can make it about how you feel or what your dreams are, or just lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts!

Meditation is another thing that you can do on a lazy day, it’s relaxing, healthy and fun! and you can find many positions on google, pinterest or youtube!

And of course internet is a huge aspect as well at this point, so grab your phone or lap top and check your social media or watch some youtube videos and… read some blog posts (or make them!)

Discover! You can discover new tv shows, hobbies, places, books, stores, bloggers, youtubers or even some fun things you can do the next day! It’s a great way to spend your time without having to get out of the house and you can enjoy your lazy day!

Next you just need to invite a friend over to spend the day with J so you can enjoy your lazy day with your friend! A day with a friend is a day well spent! And you can do everything together, double the trouble… double the fun! XD

Okay guys so that’s a wrap for this week’s post I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it had inspired you a bit for what to do on your lazy days. If you have any requests make sure to leave them in the comments down below also make sure to check out Amelia’s blog because it’s amazing and I’m sure you guys will love her! I love you guys so so so much!

xx girly blogger


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