how i make my blog posts!

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Hello everyone,

So today I’m going to be doing a really exciting post and I wanted to do this for so long but I was always busy with other posts, also this post might help you if you are new to blogging… and yaaa without further ado let’s get started!!


So first off I plan my post and I have a little notebook that I use for writing post ideas and when will they be uploaded and just to keep track of everything it’s kind of like my blog planner and it helps me a lot to stay organized and to not forget my ideas, also I love that it’s a small notebook so I can take it with me everywhere!


So after I choose the idea for my post I start writing it (like I’m doing now hehe XD)  and I would either write a part everyday or if I have no time during the week I would write a part on Thursday and the other on Friday and I sometimes finish it on Saturday! And it has been pretty hard to find time writing my posts since school started but I’m happy that i’m actually sticking to my schedule! J

Word editing:

So after I finish writing my post I edit the content to make it just the way I want so that I don’t regret it after posting it, I think this step is really useful and it helps a lot!


And after I’ve finished writing my blog post it’s time to take some photos and I take all my photos on my phone, so I just grab my phone and start taking some photos and this takes a while but it’s so much fun and I love it!

Editing my photos:

After That I upload the photo that I love the most on my  laptop, and for editing my photos I use picmonkey and I know that a lot of bloggers use canva and that really depends on the person but for me I prefer picmonkey as I have used both!

The last step:

And after I have wrote my post and edited my photos the last thing I gotta do is put them all together, then I just read over my post as if it’s not mine and I think weather i like it or if I want to change some things in it and this helps a lot and if you don’t you should definitely do it, it helps me so much and it makes me happy with the way my post turns out!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s post I hope you guys have enjoyed it and let me know what you think in the comments down below! Also I’m doing a Q&A in an upcoming post so please make sure to leave me some questions down below… and yaaaaaaaaa I love you guys so so so much. ❤

xx girly blogger


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