my favouite things about winter!

Hello everybody,

EEEEEEEEEKKK IT’S DECEMBER FIRST!! Happy first of December everyone I’m so excited for this moth and for 2017 and for… blogmas obviously!! And for day 1 of 15 I’m going to be doing a ‘my favouite things about winter’ and I’m so so so excited… and let’s get to it!!

Rainy days, when it’s raining outside and I’m wrapped up in my bed while reading a book or writing feeling all cozy! (or drinking soup!J)  Or when I’m at school and it starts to rain and I’m with my friends in the rain or when we stay in our class it’s just always so fun. (and today was one of those days) XD

Winter videos, because come on even thought I can’t really watch any videos because of the wifi, I still like watching them at every opportunity possible and I LOVE 24 days with zoella and I can’t wait to watch all 24 videos!!

The new year, okay let’s be real 2017 is just 30 days away and I can’t believe I am so excited. Every year something happens that I miss the countdown but this year I am DETERMINED I WILL countdown every second till the new year!!

The vibes, this one may sound a little weird but for me a lot of things have special vibes and winter is one of them!! I just love it so much and I feel so happy with it and today was an amazing day I was so happy that it was first of December and because it rained and… it just FELT like winter not just with the weather but with the vibes.

And last but not least, how all the shows, videos and blog posts turn to focusing on winter!! It just makes me feel all cozy and happy and again it was one of the things that made me feel like it was winter!!

So that was it for day 1 I hope you have enjoyed reading this, also I’m going to work hard on these 15 days but as I’m going to be having exams next month and I’m going to be studying for them I’m not sure how it’s gonna turn out but hopefully it will all be fine!! Anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed this and I love you all so much!

Xx girlyblogger


14 thoughts on “my favouite things about winter!

      1. awe greattt!! I love meeting new bloggers especially your blog is so similar to mine regarding what we write about and we both have 200+ follower yaaass!! thanks and I will do!

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