my winter night routine

Hello everyone,

Soooooooooo today I am going to be doing  my winter night routine as the last time I did a ‘routine’ was in the back to school season so i figured I would do another one because I always enjoy reading or watching them and I definitely enjoy writing them, so let’s get into it!! 

After I get back from school the first thing I would do is that I would grab some  pj’s and take a shower, then I’m going to Eat my lunch while reading some blogposts or watching tv, and then it’s time for homework!! So I just grab my bag and start doing my homework and see if I got any quizzes to study for. Then it’s time to try and exercise! 

After feeling a little tired from all of that I would probably just watch some tv and relax. Then I grab my laptop and start writing a blogpost if I’m feeling active enough, then I would brush my teeth and get into bed and maybe read a part of a book before I sleep, and then good night!! 😴

And that’s a wrap for this post eveybody I hope you have all enjoyed reading this because I have definitely enjoyed writing it, I love you all so so so much!! 

xx girly blogger 


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