YouTubers to watch on cozy days!

Hello everybody, 

And welcome back!!Today I’m going to be writing about some of my favourite YouTubers to watch when I actually can. Also these YouTubers are great to watch when you feel cold and want to be cozy!! And anyways let’s goooooo.

  • Zoella, obviously. I love her so much she is such an inspiration and I truly admire her! She is also currently doing ’24 days with zoella’ which I cannot wait till I can watch when I have enough wifi. 
  • Lush Leah, I have discovered her this autumn and i have liked her ever since! She is absolutely adorable and like her so much.
  • Lovevie, which is also a Disney vlogger. Her channel is so funny and kind of basic in a good way!! 
  • Alisha Marie, I have been watching her for so long and I can safely say.. she is hilarious 😂  she is also doing vlogmas which I’m also excited for seeing once I can!! 
  • The cgh family, mindy and her husband are a great family and they always vlog about exciting things that happen in their life. They’re twin daughters brooklyn and bailey are also YouTubers that I admire and love so much and their sister Kamri from kamri noel. They are all one big happy family made of nine I think!❣️
  • Ella elbells- claycupcakes4-Caroline tucker- Alexa Mae, I feel like they are all so similar so I decided to put them all together. Their videos are always so bright and colorful.
  • Claudia seluwski, which I learned about last year and she is just so outgoing and inspiring!! She has acted in t@gged which showed her passion at acting she has also acted at the commute before t@gged and both of them were on awesomenesstv!! 

And this is it for this post I hope you have all enjoyed it, comment down below if you know any others YouTubers or vloggers that you enjoy watching!! I love you all so so so much. 

xx girly blogger 


18 thoughts on “ YouTubers to watch on cozy days!

  1. I’m just now getting addicted to the YouTube world & I love it!
    After muchhhhhh thought, I even recently made the jump and started my YouTube channel. Here’s a link to my most recent video if you want to leave me any feedback. I would really appreciate it! Creative criticism is welcomed!

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