ideas to try/ get creative!

Hello everyone,

Long time no see! You guys I am so sorry I wasn’t able to blog because of my exams, but mostly because there was no wifi. Anyways since this is my first post of 2017 I’m really hoping that you guys would like it. I actually got the idea of doing this posts while doing one of these ideas, I missed blogging so much and I am so happy that I’m back and I’m also thinking of some steps that I’m going to take, some… plans! Well let’s get started.

  1. Design your own phone case. This was the one that i have tried and honestly it was so fun and of course i’m not telling you to design a professional phone case cause that would be a whole lot to ask, you just need to design it in a simple way, maybe I can do a post around it? For me I just drew red hearts with a sharpie some of them colored from inside some not, on a glitter paper that came with my transparent phone case at first I thought it was a little childish but when my friends saw it they actually thought that this was new phone case and they were surprised to learn that I drew it and they liked it a lot!
  2. Make your own happy tree. This is another one basically you get a small tree and decorate it based on your personality. I decorated mine with a ribbon and some glittery letters because since I’m a blogger (writer) so I guess putting letters on it makes sense! This actually is a great decoration to add to your room to make it… you!
  3. Handmade posters. Okay so I maybe did not try it but, I think it’s a really lovely idea and I’m probably going to try it at some point! They’re a great decoration to put on your wall and you can style (draw on) it in your way. I want to make them cute and cheerful.
  4. A music video. This one is so fun if you have some free time because you can just mess around and take some cute clips and mix music and get to play with it. You can do a cover of your favorite song, you can pretend to play the piano while you’re singing or you can do the exact opposite and make a big dance video!

Okay so that’s a wrap for today’s post, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. I’m also really looking forward to some future plans that I have as I said in the intro and of course when the time comes I’m going to tell you all everything! Also i am so sorry that this post was short, and anyways thank you all for reading this.

xx girly blogger


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