life hack for staying healthy!

Hello everyone,

So it’s the second month of the New year and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people set themselves a goal to stay healthy, so I thought about making this post! Don’t forget that once you get used to being healthy it becomes a lifestyle. Being healthy is a step to being happy and it shouldn’t feel like a punishment, I really hope that you enjoy this post and that it helps you. And without further ado let’s go!

Life hack #1 Smell an orange! This may sound weird but the scent of orange can improve the mood and it makes you feel more awake plus it can also reduce stress. You can also eat an orange everyday with breakfast (and inhaling its scent.)

Life hack #2 Get the unhealthy food out of the way! Because let’s face it if you don’t have any unhealthy food to eat you’ll be forced to eat the healthy food, which may be hard at first but you can just get some healthy food that you like!

Life hack #3 Turn watching t.v to a workout. This provides for you a workout while having fun and it gets you distracted from the workout so you don’t just focus on how hard it is. It entertains you while you exercise so you don’t just get tired and bored!

Life hack #4 Add wrist weights to your arms before you start brushing or styling your hair. I think this really helps if you’re trying to get a bit stronger!

Life hack #5 Have a playlist especially for every time you’re working out! This one is honestly so obvious but it really does help, it motivates you enough so you have energy to exercise and so you don’t feel too tired while working out!

Life hack #6 Get recipes for healthy food/drinks. If you like how it tastes you will want to make it and… eat it more! This will make you happy with how you are feeding because you don’t have to eat or drink something you don’t like just for becoming healthy.

Life hack #7 Help your throat with marshmallows. This one is not really for staying healthy but for in general, I read online that marshmallows help your throat if it was sore, I’m not really sure about the details though.

Life hack #8 Practice in different places. Exercising in new places can really benefit you because you’ll feel happy with the change which will push you for working out and working harder!

Life hack #9 Join with people. If you’re doing it with your friends you will enjoy it way more than if you are alone, it’ll help you and your friends and since you’re not alone you might actually consider doing it more often!

Life hack #10 Reward yourself! If you are actually working hard and keeping up with your goal, then you deserve to be rewarded.

Thank you guys for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that it helped you. If you have any suggestions for posts that you would like to see make sure to leave them in the comments down below. And yaaaa see you guys in another post.

xx girly blogger


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