a day with me!!

Hello everyone,

For today’s post I’m so excited because this is a collab with my dear friend intellectual wise girl ( www.intellectualwisegirl.wordpress.com ) so be sure to check her blog out she is also doing a day in my life! Also since I’m currently on holiday (even thought by the time you’re reading this tomorrow will be back to school) I will be doing what I do on a normal day when I’m on holiday!! Anyways without further ado LET’S GOOO!!

So the first thing I do when I wake up is that I check the clock just to make sure It’s not too late or too early to wake up and I know that a lot of people keep their phones beside them while sleeping but it’s really bad for you to sleep with your phone or any electronics in the room so please don’t do that! After that I get out of bed and wash my face and brush my teeth and I get ready! So on a normal day all I do to is that I style my hair and maybe put on a lipstick but if I’m being honest I don’t really do that much! And if I’m staying home I stay in my pj’s, I then make my bed and I go play with Bruno which is my puppy if you guys didn’t know him. Anyways then I go upstairs and eat breakfast while watching Youtube videos and checking all my social media! After I finish breakfast I watch youtube for a little bit more, then because I usually don’t play with Bruno a lot before breakfast I go down and play with him a bit more.

Then I go back upstairs and I watch some of my favorite series, then I write some blog posts or edit some! Then if I don’t have enough photos I would most likely have a photo shoot but I don’t really take so much photos and I don’t do that every day! Then I work on a secret project and guys LET ME KNOW when I should announce it because I have no idea! This usually takes a while so after I Obviously I don’t do that every day (I’m going to try thought) but then I go practice my ballet, after that I take a shower. Then I eat lunch and when I’m all done I go to my room and I play some music and sing along because I just love to do that and seriously… why not?! And I just watch t.v or read a book or go online and I just keep chilling till the end of the day! I also like writing some blog posts and reading some, I also really like discovering new blogs and chatting with my internet friends and you guys are always so sweet and I can safely say that I am closer to you than I am with some of my real life friends! And when it’s time, I get ready for bed get all cozy and comfy and sleep.

Of course I don’t have a routine for every day but these are the things that I would usually do, sometimes I do more of this than that sometimes I skip a few of them.

So that was it for today’s post thank you guys so much for reading it, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments down below what your day would usually be like. Also I am doing a Q&A so please make sure to leave some questions down below! Oh and also comment ‘chocolate’ if you have read this far!! I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger


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