spring guide!

springguidephoto.jpgHello everyone,

Yaaaaaaas winter is almost over and spring is right around the corner I’m excited for spring so today I’m going to be doing a ‘my guide for spring’ as you can tell by the title, I’m so excited for this post and I really hope you guys enjoy reading it. Anyways without further ado let’s hop right into it!

First things first, you need to switch all that winter vibes weather it’s in your clothes or your room or just in general, to spring ones! You need to take down all of your winter decorations open the window get all of your bright summer/spring clothes and get ready for the colorful diys coming your way! J

Things to do…

*Since it is spring and the sun is shining you might as well go outside and exercise plus you don’t have to exercise just go outside for a walk in the sun and it’s a great way to find inspiration for like… whatever!

*Grow some plants! I think this could be really be good for you because you might be reason that it’s alive and that it looks beautiful and it may just make you feel happy and proud when you look at it!

*explore. Perfect opportunity to explore, explore weather if you’ll be traveling or explore your own country!

*Room decor. A great way to switch all that winter-ness (if that makes any sense!) is to renew the way your room looks, and it can really put you in this good mood!

*spa date with yourself. Okay so just have your own spa date with yourself because… you need to love yourself and it’s just so fun. Candles,a bubble bath, a face or a hair mask, a book, internet. All you need for the perfect spa date with yourself!

*Spring playlist. Okay so music… do I need to say anymore? And this switches me to the nextpoint which is the songs I have been loving lately and I hope you guys would too!


1.On purpose –Sabrina carpenter

2.Shape of you –Ed Sheeran

3.Paris –The Chainsmokers

4.All we have is love –Sabrina carpenter

5.Mercy-shawn mendes

6.Love  is the name –Sofia carpenter

7.Stronger (what doesn’t kill you) –Kelly clarkson

8.Alive- Sia

9.Cold water-justin bieber

10.Me too-Meghan trainor

11.Side to side-Ariana grande

12.i don’t want to live forever-Taylor swift and zain malik

13.Hide away-Daya

14.Thumbs-sabrina carpenter

15.I’m a lady-meghan trainor

Spring essentials…

My guitar. So my guitar is actually an electric guitar that I got when I was little for my birthday and till now I still love it so much I enjoy writing songs with it I never really learned how to play it but I just mess around with it, and it’s pretty much an essential for all around the year not just in spring but I just thought of putting it out there, you know?

A good book. So this also is an essential for all time, it always is! I recently started a book club so if you would like to enroll just check it out here and honestly if I have time (or if I don’t haha) I finish any book so fast because I either like it and finish it quickly or I don’t like it and stop reading it (which doesn’t really happen so often!)

My yoga mat. For me spring (and summer) make me more motivated to workout and exercise and just be active so I always like to just grab my yoga mat, open the window, and get productive! (quick tip: if you want to workout on your own but don’t know what to do, blogilates Is a lovely youtuber who posts workout and exercise videos)

So that is it for this week’s post, thank you all so much for reading it I hope this gave you a little motivation and inspiration for spring! Let me know what you think in the comments down below. Are you excited for spring and summer? Hang in there we still have a little bit of school time to get to summer, thought! I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger


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