motivationphoto.jpgHello everybody,

Before I start I want to tell that I am so happy to be able to do this collab with silviya and we decided to make it about motivation so you should definitely go read her post and follow her! Today I’m just going to be telling you all my tips for how to stay motivated and yaa without more rambling let’s get right into it!

Set goals. If you set some realistic goals for yourself this will help you because you know what you want to do and so if you do it you will feel proud of yourself and that will make you just push more and feel more motivated and that will make it easier for you because you actually feel like you accomplished something!

Push yourself anyways. Even if you’re not feeling it just go for it, this has definitely helped me a lot because I do it anyways but once I start I just feel motivated enough and that makes me go even harder! So yeah you should totally try this!

Treat yourself. If you never treat yourself it’s gonna be really hard, you need to work hard, achieve your goals and REWARD yourself for that! This is the simplest tip I can tell you but it’s really affective!

Write it down. If every moth you write down your goals for this month (hint hint next blog post!) you will be able to see what you need to do and how you can do it! And you can have some moths all for adventures and fun just so you can let loose every once in a while!

Go see the light. You need to shut your phone, take off you’re makeup and go outside to the world, to the nature, to what god made for us! You’re worth more than beauty, clothes and the internet.. you need to go see the light!

Grab a friend. So what’s better than being motivated and achieving your goals? Doing it with a friend obviously!! And it can honestly help you so much, maybe you like doing it alone that’s fine too buuuuuutttt doing it with a friend will make it much more fun and will make you feel better about doing whatever you need to do!

Stop and breath.  Whatever it is you’re doing you need to stop, collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and go on! Because we all need a break at some point we all need to just isolate ourselves from the world sometimes and it’s fine trust me we all need to do that, we need that so we can come back stronger!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s post everyone, I hope this brought a little smile to your face! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow silviya. I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger

Fun Fact: I’m a libra.


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