march goals!

marchgoalspic.jpgHello everyone,

And welcome or welcome back to my blog! Soooooo today I’m back with another post and this will be my march goals (as you can probably tell by the title) also let me know what you think in the comments down below I would love to know if you have any goals for this month and what they are! And yeaaahhh without further ado let’s get started.

Write daily: I really want to start writing everyday because then at the end of the week I would have a blog post ready plus it would just be so much fun and also if I didn’t do anything for the day at least I would have wrote a bit! I think it’s kind of like ‘practicing’ my writing skills without any pressure of having to write a lot in one day when I don’t have a time.

Grow more confidence: I do think that I’m a bit more confident than I used to be however, I still want to grow more confidence I want to be able to always be confident no matter what and I want to always be proud of myself, I don’t want to care what other people think I just want to be happy with who I am.

Start playing the piano:  okay so, I couple of days ago I decided that I wanted to start playing the piano, I also thought weather I should play the piano or the guitar!! I actually did play the piano once but I left for some reason but now I want to go back to it (I also left ballet I’m still going to be dancing on my own but I decided to just have it in that that way for now)      update: i decided to play the guitar instead

Get better at makeup: okay so I’m in no way a beauty guru but I really love makeup just because I think it’s so fun, I believe that no one needs makeup but for me I just like it for the joy of it! Also if any of you have any tips for me please make sure to comment them down below that would be really helpful.

Be more productive: me being the VERY lazy person I am, I’m never really productive thought I want to and I can be! I really want to set this goal for myself and actually doing it! This is a little hard but I want to do it because I always set this goal for myself but I never do it so this time I’m hoping that I actually accomplish it.

Go on an adventure: to be honest I don’t think I can make this one happen with the presence of school but you know a girl can dream!  I really don’t care where I just want to go on an adventure in a brand new beautiful place! Maybe on a weekend or something but you know what if it’s going to be an amazing, unforgettable experience then I can wait till the summer holiday! Yes you read that right!!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s post everyone I hope you enjoyed reading it. What are your march goals? leave them down below or tag me in a post if you write one! Thank you all so much for reading… I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger

fun fact: I’m in 7th grade.


17 thoughts on “march goals!

  1. Great post. I also wanted to get better with makeup. I practically suck at it. I’m bare faced 98% of the week. Good luck with achieving your goals tho 😊❤

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