my lazy day routine!

mylazydayroutinephotoHello everybody,

So today I’m back to you with another post and this is a collab with the the glitter magazine
and I’m honetly just so excited because we’ve been best friends (real life) since last year and i have no idea why we didn’t collab sooner!🤔 Anyways make sure to check out her post she is doing a what to do on a lazy day  so you don’t want to miss that out! I hope you enjoy reading this and let’s go.

No alarms, no one to wake me up! On a lazy day I don’t have anything to do so I can just sleep in. And when I wake up I like to… well convince myself that i’ll just sleep for five more minutes but of course i end up sleeping for at least another hour.😂 once i get out bed i wash my face, brush my teeth and style my hair. then i obviously go have breakfast and watch some youtube videos, but one thing i like need to do right after i get ready is check my social media because i don’t know why but if i don’t have something to do i need to check my social media after i get ready and after i get back from school. anyways after i finish my breakfast i would just go through the blogging world and see what’s up and stock some people… no i’m just kidding, maybe!😏

Next it’s time to love myself… it’s time to be me, myself & I. So i go to my room play some sick beats.. all the way from girl power songs to heart break songs! Anything and everything. in fact, i’m currently listening to music and having some me time!! After i spend my time listening to songs and think i should really do something-maybe yoga? haha so yes, after i have this little conversation in my head i would go do some yoga (or whatever i thought of) personally i don’t think having a lazy day should mean you lying in bed all day (even thought we all did that at some point😉) so i like to do something-anything, that is useful!

Next up, the most amazing thing.. get cozy and dive deep into a book😍 i’m currently reading ‘looking for Alaska’ by john green and lemme just tell you it’s amazingtbh it’s definitely not my favourite book (girl online still holds that place😊) thought it’s… wonderful! i usually don’t have time to read books during school (which is why i read them on the way to and from school) so when i do have time it makes me really happy!

okay so really random thing that  i just felt… i will always be me, no matter what people will think! 

food time. now i go eat my lunch in peace while watching ‘kiralik ask’ which is a Turkish series and i love it! then i wouldn’t really have any plans i would maybe go to my room and write a song or work on a blog post but mostly i would listen to songs because i never get enough of that!😊 then i would maybe go watch a movie or a t.v show and just chill till the end of the night, chat with my friends and do whatever. then around 11:45-12:00 pm (on the weekends) i go to sleep.😴

thank you all so much for reading this week’s post i hope you enjoyed it! let me know how your lazy day is like in the comments down below or write your own post. with school lazy days are hard to find time for, so when you do have a lazy day.. make the best of it!

   xx girly blogger ❤

fun fact: i was never actually into photography until i started blogging!


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