dear 20 year old me…

alettertomyfutureself.jpgDear 20 year old me,

Are you alive? how’s life?🤔 i hope everything is okay. today i wanted to ask you some questions that i will hopefully go through when i am… well, you! please take them seriously and give the thought into each one! 🙌💓

Are you still blogging? i hope so, it’s your way of being creative DON’T YOU DARE STOP! hmm..have you grown? remember to put your all in every blog post and express yourself, also.. how did college go? and prom? have you wrote about them? you didn’t forget, did you? if i may remind you of how much you were looking forward for prom when you were 12.😇knowing you (or me) it probably didn’t go so perfectly, you probably had those clumsy moments of yours! nah, never mind! you should embrace your clumsiness and weirdness!😊

have you stopped dancing? gosh, i hope not! it was always your way of being free. let me remind you of how you escaped to dance when life was getting tough, it helped you a lot! so keep on dancing no matter what.🙌

so about music? music was always a huge part of you and i hope it still is! let me just tell you that at the mean time it’s pretty hard for you to like anything and actually stick to it for more than 5 months😂and considering that you have been in love with music for like.. forever, please  never forget about music.💓

have you met any blogging friends? now i know that you wanted for this to happen and i was wondering if it actually did, if so, who have you met? did you click? are you meeting up again? where did you meet? i always see youtubers and bloggers meeting and i just wonder if i’ll ever have the opportunity to meet any of blogging friends!😌

did any of your dreams come true? lemme just tell you, you had wild dreams girl! do you still have those? did any of your ‘wild dreams’ come true? if they didn’t, then don’t give up, don’t worry-thomas edison tried 10,000 ways that didn’t work and because of him today we live in a world that has light during the darkest nights!🙏

did you travel anywhere? the present me wants to travel to different places but not on her own, what about the future me? did you actually travel anywhere? probably not, honestly the present me wants to travel for blogging purposes AND adventures! that would be amazingggg!! present me wants to go the U.K, bora bora and paris!😍

are you happy? the most important question, are you happy? did you find peace? i want to remind that no matter what.. even if life was tough, god is always by your side!💗 remember those days when you hated yourself and your life and all the problems you had? well, guess what? your life didn’t stop at that point.. you moved on, you became stronger! just face life with that ‘I aint giving up on you’ look, you’ll be fine as long as you remember who you are!🙂

I know life’s tough but you’re slowly getting the hang of it! never forget that you have so many things to live for and to do. live life to the fullest and don’t let anyone shatter your heart!✊

with all the love,                                                                                                                                                 the 12 year old you.

so that was my letter for the 20 year old me i hope you all enjoyed reading this and i hope that when i’m 20 i actually read this post and smile. let me know what you would ask your future self. and yeahhh, i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger❤️

fun fact: i started a blog because i was not allowed to start a youtube channel.


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