my bucket list!

bucketlistphoto.jpgHello everyone,

today i’m back with another post and i decided to write my 2017 bucket list! now i have never really had a bucket list so this is a bit exciting for me. i also find bucket lists really interesting! anyways without further ado let’s get started.

go on adventures:

this is one of my biggest goals. i really want to go on adventures to new places and explore and have fun, i want to make memories! for 2017 i want to actually go on adventures and not just think about them… i’m down for adventures, and i’m not just saying this- i mean this! hopefully once school ends i will be able to go do it. and i’m so looking forward to it!

have a summer job:

now i have wanted to do this since the end of last summer and i don’t really know how i’m going to go on lots adventures and still have a summer job but i want to and i’ll try my best to make it happen! and honestly i’m only interested in one thing and that is to work at a nursery as i just love children and babies!

write songs more often:

so if you guys didn’t know (although you probably do) i like writing my own songs, it’s nothing professional but i love it- my only problem is that i don’t complete my songs and i want to write more songs and finish them! i’m not really going to do anything with them but it’s my hobby and i just want to work more on it.

be stronger:

by this i don’t mean physically but mentally and emotionally, i want to be able to stand tall through all the tough days in my life. i don’t want to fall apart because of what might happen to me! i can fake a smile really really well but i want more than that, i want to be strong no matter what i want to be me despite how the world and the people may be. and i’m learning and i’ll get there one day and i will be happy then.

read more books:

if you know me you know i love reading but i have a long long list of books that i want to read i just don’t always have the time! and so one of my goals is to read more books and enjoy them as much as i can. i’m currently reading ‘looking for alaska’ but it’s so sad and i’m not sure if i’m enjoying it!

blog more often:

and last but definitely not least i want to blog more often and i want to up my game. even thought i don’t always have time to write i want to try to blog as much as i can! speaking of, if you guys have any posts that you would like me to make in the future please make sure to comment down below!

and that was it for today’s post i hope you guys have enjoyed it, let me know what’s on your bucket list! i really hope i’ll achieve these things and make myself proud. thank you for reading i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger

fun fact: i currently have braces


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