why i love me tag!

thewhyilovemetag hello everyone,

so i have been tagged to do the ‘why i love me’ by thoughtful tash so thank you so much tash i really appreciate it! this is a tag to spread positivity and happiness, instead of thinking about what we hate about ourselves we think about what we love. i really like the idea of this tag… so let’s get started!


  • Post the award on your blog
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Leave a link to the original tag creator (ThoughtfulTash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag has been made!
  • Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY
  • Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
  • In the comments of the blog post, spread more self-love with compliments to each other! THE MORE LOVE THE BETTER!

why i love me:

  • I love… my bubbly personality

something i really love about myself is how bubbly i am (well, most of the time)  i’m always getting excited about silly things and i’m always talking, smiling, chatting and laughing!! and if there is nothing that makes me happy i’d probably remember a memory that does and i smile and some people find it weird but tbh i don’t care cause i like that.

  • I love… my hair

growing up i never really liked my hair i don’t know why but i just didn’t, but ever since last year i have been so grateful for it- i mean it’s not really hair goals or anything but it’s a little bit beautiful! i also love it’s color… which i’m not really sure of, some tell me it’s dirty blonde and some tell me it’s light brown but i think it depends on the lighting haha!

  • I love… my imagination

I’m always daydreaming and imagining things and i love that about me, god i don’t know what i would have done without that! imagination is like… escaping reality, you can imagine anything you want and forget all the drama- it simply makes me smile every time! i never daydream and not smile, laugh or cry because when i imagine things most of the time it’s meaningful and not empty.

  • I love… my love for adventures

this one may sound weird but it’s true! i LOVEEE adventures and i love that about me.. i love that i love discovering and i like that whenever there is a chance no matter where i am i would go on a little discovery trip. and if i have to i will break the rules for adventures (sometimes i’d drag my friends into that too) after all, rules are made to be broken!

  • I love… my ability to forgive people

I never hold grudges because i can’t and i don’t like to, no matter what the person did to me i always forgive people i mean yeah sometimes it can be a bit annoying but it’s a part of who i am! i sometimes forgive people without them even apologizing because i can never stay angry at someone for too long and i always end up forgiving them, BUT NEVER MISTAKE KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS!

  • I love… my creativity

i do think i’m a creative person and i have always been, i used to come up with different ideas and tell them to my friends and we would all work really hard on it together. my blog especially is somewhere that i like to put my creativity into.

  • I love… my voice

Music is a part of me and a lot of times I get compliments on my voice when I sing and personally i love my voice When I was younger I had an awful voice as I remember but now I quite like it!

  • I love… that I believe

I believe in so many things.. I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe that if you work hard it will pay off, i believe that no matter what at the end of the day god has your back and knows best. When I want something and people don’t believe it can happen because I believe I make it happen and this is one the best things about me.

  • I love… the way i look to the world

I believe I have a different eye to look at things and at the world,  I like to see the beauty in everything and I like to see the good in everyone… I can’t really describe it but I look at things in a different way that makes me happy!

  • I love… the way I am

I love the way I am I love the way I look and the way I think. I love my body even thought I have insecurities about it sometimes! I love my silly actions and the way I am to everyone, I love that I work hard on what I love and I love that I can stand up for myself and for other people.. I love being me.

I don’t want to nominate a few people as I think this is a lovely tag so if you want to do it please do it I would love to read it.

And that’s a wrap for today’s post everyone thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Again thank you tash for nominating me this is a great idea. let me know what you love about yourself down below! Also real quick I’m going to be posting twice a week now so on Saturday and Wednesday!! I love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger ❤

fun fact: i’m a muslim.


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