how to be productive

howtobeproductive.jpgHello everyone,

Exams are coming up and so i decided to give you all some tips on how to be productive! let me know if you found these helpful and make sure to let me know what you think in the comments down below! i don’t really know what else to say so let’s get started.

make a list: 

i cannot stress enough about how important this is! making a list has definitely saved me many times before and i know i’m not the only one, it makes you organized and overall it’s really helpful to be able to see all the things that you need to get done in front of you.

take a break:

YOU NEED THIS!! if you’re constantly working or studying or whatever without a break your brain will naturally get tired and you won’t be able to process or give anymore information and so you’re only wasting your time! so let’s say if you complete one hour revision you take a 15 minutes break or as i like to do you can set a goal and when you finish it you take a little break to check your phone or watch a video or whatever there is you want to do that won’t take long.

start early:

force yourself to start early and just do it, trust me this is the best way to do it! if you do this you might just be able to finish early and have the rest of the day to yourself and just the thought of that will motivate and rather than just spending all your day on your list you’ll finish it quickly. another thing you can do is workout early in the morning as it can really get you more motivated.

treat yourself:

now i’m sure this is too obvious and yes, i know you have seen this tip about a hundred times before but i just couldn’t not put it in this post! doing this will help you and motivate you and you’ll feel like ‘yeah, i don’t mind going through that again it was worth it!’ so just do it ONLY OF YOU DESERVE IT THO! 

clean your study space:

personally i hate studying or doing anything in a messy environment and so cleaning the place around me really relaxes me and makes me feel better about studying or really doing anything it’s just that being in a clean and tidy place just makes me feel good! i know that not all people agree on that maybe some like to study/work in a messy place (although i’m not really sure why!)

go for a walk:

a relaxing walk can really help you and so when you have finished half of what’s on your list take a break and go for a walk. you can do it with a friend, a sibling or if you have a pet.

so that’s all for today’s post i really hope you guys liked it and i hope you found these tips helpful. if you have any requests, thoughts or comments make sure to leave them down below. thank you for reading i’m gonna end it here i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger




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