10 things you didn’t know about me!

10tydkam1.jpgHello everybody,

And welcome or welcome back to my blog! today I’m back with another post and this is going to be ’10 things you didn’t know about me’ as you can tell by the title, this is one of those get to know me type of posts and I really hope you’ll get to know me better and yeah without further ado let’s get into it.

1. I love K-pop:

I love the Korean music and I love the way they coreograph their dances! They’re filled with energy, excitement and emotions. I don’t really listen to korean music so much but I do like them. my favourite band is blackpink who I recently learned about from my friend and lemme just tell you.. they’re amazing!!

2. i’m so organized.. except with my school stuff:

i hate not being organized as being organized helps me in everything plus it relaxes me! thought when it comes to school.. it can get a little out of hand, it’s not really an option but i just can’t stay organized in my school notebook or books.. i always end up drawing all over them! anyone like me?

3. i’m kind of healthy:

i know shocker! i really like exercising but i’m too lazy to actually get up and do it but once i finally force myself to do it it feels so good and that makes me do that more often!

4. i pretty much live in my pjs:

i’m not proud of it and i don’t hate it either but most of the time i’m living in pjs *stares at the sky* wow, i really need to get out more! i’m sure SOME people could relate, right?

5. i’m obsessed with chocolate:

i loooveee chocolate! chocolate just makes everything 10 times better 🙂 and i think this one speaks for itself!

6. i tend to get distracted a lot:

weather i’m studying or singing or reading or doing pretty much anything i tend to get distracted.. my mind just wonders and i can’t help it! i dunno why but i think it’s only when i write (only blog posts not boring essays for school) that i don’t get distracted!

7. i’m singing 24/7:

yes, i know people are getting tired of me but what shall i do? i love singing way too much and i can’t go three hours without singing let alone being at school all day long, it’s just too boring for me to not sing! but i try to control myself as much as i can.

8. i’m a feminist:

at the start of this year and the end of last year i decided that i was a feminist… i can’t stand seeing women’s rights disappear and i can’t stand seeing women being judged! but here’s a massage to all you women out there: you can do whatever a man can do, nothing is impossible and you should not care about weather the people will or will not judge you as long as you’re happy with how you are!

9. i’m a libra:

so a really random fact i thought i’d throw into this post is that i’m a libra 🙂 and my star sign describes me perfectly!

10. i never lose hope:

never ever! i always have hope, hope that everything will be okay, hope that everyone has a good side, hope that i will succeed.. i always have hope no matter what! although sometimes my friends think i’m unrealistic because of that 🙂 but i’m just a believer.

and that brings us to the end of today’s post everyone i hope you liked it and i hope you got to know me a little better. thank you all so much for reading, what is one interesting fact about you? i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger




14 thoughts on “10 things you didn’t know about me!

  1. Lovely post!!! I’m a a libra too… and also love chocolate!! Every holidays I have a day where I spend the whole 24hours in my pjs but my sister just looks at me like I’m weird when I do to 🙄😂😊

    Liked by 1 person

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