the sweet harmony/ with the day dreamer!

thesweetharmony.jpgHello everyone,

today i’m doing something really exciting which is that i’m starting a blogging series, and welcome to episode 1! in this new series i’m going to let my imagination take over and we’ll see where that takes us, please make sure to leave a comment down below telling me if i should post more of these and yeaah let’s get started.

what if you were walking in the morning going to school or work and all of a sudden you hear a beautiful song?! the sweet tunes of the music ringing through your ears, you start singing and you look around.. everyone else is singing the same song, some walking near you some driving their cars but you all feel connected by the rhythm and it’s like you are all unbreakable and at that moment it feels like nothing is impossible. what if life was a musical where WE create the music? what if we depend on music to express how we feel? what if we let the music release our pain?

a world where the melodies heal and the lyrics express, a world where we don’t need to talk but to sing a world where we can forget our differences and our genders and become one by the power of music. where in the afternoon you’re not bored because you connect with your friends through music weather that’s face to face or on the phone..such a world would be a great place to live in.

you sing a song and they respond with another, you don’t know each other but music brings you together… sure we all need silence from time to time but a world without music is like a world without colors, it’s too boring! you’re going for a walk and you’re singing, the person walking beside you knows the song so he starts singing with you and one after another you end up singing with complete strangers who you feel that you have known for absolute ages!!

just like that the simplest things in life can start the best things, when words fail music speaks and music never fails to explain so take the time and appreciate it and embrace it but don’t go overboard *cough cough*  music can pretty much help you all da time!

*wakes up from her daydream* well, i hope you guys enjoyed this let me know if you liked it and if i should keep writing this series. how do you think the world would be if it WAS a musical? would you like it? thank you all so so much for reading and i’m gonna have to end it here.

xx girly blogger


17 thoughts on “the sweet harmony/ with the day dreamer!

  1. OMG !! This is amazing .. music has its own language .. it soothes the mind and gives it rest !! I love this posttt.. I would love to see more of these .. love youu❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Hey! This is really good 💗 Would you mind following/checking out my blog? U are a huge inspiration as I love your posts so it’d mean a lot! I hope you like my posts as much as I love yours 😍😍

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