10 things i can’t live without

the10thingsican'tlivewithout.jpghello everyone,

i’m back with another post! today i’m going to be telling you all about the 10 things i can’t live without as you can tell by the title, i’m sure we all have this list even if we are not really aware of it but away from the basics and needs of life we all have some things that we cannot live without that some others may be able to! anywayss, let’s just go ahead and get started.

  • da musiiicc: okay, so if you know anything about me or have been reading my blog you would know that i can’t live without music, when words fail music speaks! and although music is sometimes my escape from reality i also hear some songs and think ‘this basically describes my situation’ which makes me feel like i’m not alone which always helps me!
  • a goal: i absolutely can’t live without having a challenge or rather a goal, i just can’t i need to have something that i love and am wanting to achieve something in it (hint hint: my blog 🙂 )
  • an entertainment: weather that’s a new show, youtuber or band i always have some sort of entertainment, IT’S A MUST! and I’ve actually just finished a series two days ago and i’m starting another one haha. XD
  • my blog: obviously! when i first started i would have never thought that it would mean this much to me, i didn’t think i would have grown such readers and friends through this journey and i hope that it will never stop.
  • family/ friends: this one’s so simple, because they are everything and i love them way too much and i can’t imagine my life without them.
  • dance: it’s my own way forget about everything and i’m sure you already know that if you’re a previous reader of mine.
  • books: lately i haven’t been finding the time or the good books for this but my love for books is not by any means less, i have a list of books that i want to read but i can’t find any of the books!
  • chocolateee: self explanatory, right?
  • electronics: these are soo important, and i think we can all relate! i wouldn’t have had my blog if it wasn’t for them and i wouldn’t have discovered many interests (and shows 🙂 )
  • inspiration: i’m constantly getting inspired by different things and i guess you could say that i need that in my life!

and that’s a wrap for today’s post everybody i hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know down below what are a few things that you can’t live without! thank you all so much for reading i’ll see you in my next post i love you all so so much.

xx girly blogger


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