10 things i would save in a fire

whatwoulisaveinafire.jpgHello everyone,

so, today i’m going to be doing the ’10 things i would save in a fire’ tag as i really enjoyed reading this tag from other bloggers and i hope mine will also be enjoyable. also as you may or may not know i used to post every Saturday but from today i’m going to be posting three times a week which will be on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday so be on the lookout for many posts to come! i don’t have anything else to say so let’s just get into it.

1.my phone: i wouldn’t just leave my phone! i mean other than that i connect with my friends through it i also have so many memories on it and it would be a shame if i lost them all. i also need my phone so i could blog and keep up with other bloggers!

2.photo albums: i have so many photo albums from when i was little, for some reason my parents really liked taking photos of us! some look weird, some look cute, some look hilarious but overall i really like them and i wouldn’t want to lose them.

3.my family: well this is too obvious but of course they will be my first priority, ya know!

4.a book (or a few): now i would absolutely hate leaving a good book behind so if i can i would save most (or all) of the books that i love! i would go for the ones that i would probably read again or am still reading.

5.my song book: i have this notebook where i write my songs and since it’s probably the only place my songs would be, i wouldn’t want to lose it!

6.some hair stuff: and while i’m at it i would get some hair ties, my hair brush and anything else i need for my hair.

7.a lip balm: my lips tend to get dry a lot so a lip balm would really be helpful!

8.my wallet: this one’s obvious cause i guess i would need money soo.. yeah!

9.some clothes: i’d grab some clothes and shoes, that makes sense since i’ll probably need them!

10.a bag: now i just have to gab one last thing and that would be a bag or two as they would be really helpful at that time!

and that’s a wrap for today’s post i know it was short but i hope you have enjoyed it. what would you save in a fire? let me know down below. Also real quick i want to wish all muslims a happy Ramadan, this month just brings me peace.. there is something different and amazing about it. thank you for reading i’m gonna end it off here, i love you all so so much.signoff..jpg


7 thoughts on “10 things i would save in a fire

  1. I wouldn’t have to save my phone because its always in my hands anyway 😊. But I would definitely run for my family, laptop and my blogging journal. I don’t know what I would do with my fishes and their huge tank 😭

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