getting through the bad days…

gettingthroughthebaddayspic.jpgHello everyone,

we all have those days when we feel like nothing is going right but it’s okay because nothing lasts forever and whatever it is, you’re gonna get through it. this doesn’t have to be just for getting through a bad day it can also be about how you can make your day much better! remember being positive is not always being happy but knowing that better days are coming and you will be okay, and being happy does not mean that everything is good but it’s being able to see the good side of everything.

start by taking a deep breath and think about all the things you can do to make your day better. think about what you love and start doing it! you need to have a positive mindset if you’re gonna turn this day around, so instead of just laying around all day doing absolutely nothing take the chance to do the things that you love and maybe do the chores that you need to do, and exercise! do the things that will make you happy and the things that will make you feel accomplished, because on the worst days and the worst times you need to remind yourself about all the good things in your life and how you can overcome the bad things and remember that with every bad thing comes a good thing. god would never put you through something that you can’t handle and you need to believe that and trust that everything that happens to you, good or bad it’s in your benefit, god knows what you don’t and god know best. you might thing your world is shattering down but remember that at the end of the tunnel there is a light, and if you went the wrong path you can turn around and start again, but never lose faith that everything will be okay., if god put you through something then it’s for a reason.

talk to someone. because it really can help, weather that’s an online friend, a real life friend or a family member talking to someone can make you feel much better plus maybe they have good advise! sometimes talking to the right person can be just what you need and it change your whole mood, you never know! talking to people about your problems may also comfort them to talk to you about their problems… everyone needs a person to talk to when things go wrong, sometimes you will stop and think ‘i have no one’ and trust me i know this feeling but wait.. just wait, cause god knows what you’re going through and he is going to send you someone that cares for you as much as you care for them. other times you might feel that you have people to talk to but you but you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to them… like they’re not the right people to talk to, like yes you love them and you can talk to them and you know they will listen but you just don’t feel like they’re the people to go to when you’re feeling sad or happy or whatever it is! (i’m rambling, aren’t i?) you have friends, you have people who love you and you love them but in a way you’re lonely, you’re missing something. well, you are not alone just remember that. whatever it is you’re going through other people went through it as well, they felt the same things you’re feeling and they said the same words you are saying. and even thought it feels like nobody knows how you feel trust me not all do but a lot do! And maybe, just maybe.. someday-somewhere you will meet someone who truly understands you, someone who truly appreciates you and adores you.. and regardless of weather they have been through the things that you have or not, just being there for you and standing by your side even when they don’t understand you will make you happy. so you just wait, because god will send you someone special, someone who deserves you and someone who you deserve.

it’s okay to not be okay, no one is always okay we all have our problems and we all need a little help sometimes. and saying ‘i’m fine’ when you’re not won’t help we all do it and i do it but we all know it won’t help, being a person who has tried keeping it all inside i can tell you that it’s not okay to do that because you will just be more and more upset, if you have someone to talk to that you know will listen and will help you then talk to them, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you can write it down, sing how you feel or draw.. no matter what it is you love to do you can use it to express  your emotions. but no matter what don’t keep it inside because it will just hurt you more and more. and even thought it’s okay to not be okay you should never forget that better days are coming because maybe these bad days are to make you stronger or maybe these bad days have good things as there result or maybe they are happening to make you realize something important and you need to have faith and be thankful for everything that is happening to you.

and just like those who went through the same things before you, you will survive- better yet thrive! even if you think that you’ll never get over it, you will. and you will look back on how you were and you will feel strong… you will be thankful for all that has happened to you because it made you in a way better, because it has made you stronger and it made you realize a lot of things. you will look back on how you were before everything has happened and you will thank god that they did happen because they changed you and made you better.

remember when you think that no one understands you, loves you or cares about you.. when you feel like you will never meet the person who does.. remember that other people have went through the same things and they survived and let me tell you that there is always at least one person who cares for you and loves you, sometimes you don’t know that they care that much but they do.. and sometimes you haven’t met them yet but you will meet them and when you do.. you will feel that everything was worth it because you found them. remember you are not alone!! and i hope that this post has made you realize it.





10 thoughts on “getting through the bad days…

  1. Thank you for sharing a more personal post! And I love how you were trying to find positivity from situations that weren’t that great. You should definitely be proud of yourself and thanks again for sharing this xx

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