fighting the boredom/ things to do!

thingstodowhenyou'rebored.jpgHello everyone,

And welcome or welcome back to my blog! we all get bored from time to time when finding nothing to do! but hey, it’s summer ’17 and i’m sorry but sitting around doing nothing is unacceptable so stand up shake your laziness away because obviously if you’re bored it means you have free time which you shouldn’t let go to waste so here i thought i’d write this post to hopefully help some of you who are finding problems to fight their boredom! remember one of the best things can happen because of how bored you are, like.. idk.. um.. starting a blog?! haha yeah, so anyway let’s hop right into this!

so you’ve passed the phase where you enjoyed sitting around all day relaxing and scrolling through your social media feeds and you are ready to actually do something with your life for a change! 

well, here are some things that you can do…

discover some new hobbies:

easiest way: the internet! just go see what other people are doing see if that inspires you, search on google, pinterest.. etc. you can definitely find something that might turn into your passion (that’s surely how blogging became mine!) and even if you didn’t like what you tried then you can always try something else until you find what you love.

i’m going to state somethings down below just in case:

1.baking: i really want to get into baking this summer and it seems really fun! i also know bloggers who enjoy it so it makes me even more excited for it.

2.draw: i don’t really draw very well (although almost everyone at my school does) but it’s really fun and when you’re bored drawing is definitely the way to spend your time! i don’t take it seriously but i love it. i know, i know- duh! most people reading this are bloggers so if you’re bored just grab your laptop, phone or whatever you use to blog and get to writing! now, if you’re not a blogger and if you like writing you should definitely start a blog!

3.act?! well, idk maybe.. just for fun? i used to love acting and i would get comic books and stories and start acting some scenes in them! a new instrument: this would be very fun! it might take time to find the right instrument for you but hopefully at the end it will be worth it! a new sport: something that you’ll enjoy, that way  it’ll be healthy and fun! and a little bit challenging i guess.

6.write songs: i mean you probably love listening to them so why not try to write some?!

go outside:

go for a run or a walk and embrace nature! snap some pics, enjoy life. maybe grow some plants! go out with your friends or your family or even go out by yourself, it’s the little things in life that count and going outside and taking the time to embrace nature can make you really happy and peaceful.

get a part-time job:

this is a great experience and it would be so much fun! weather that’s in a book store, a cafe or a nursery having a part time job kills time and provides a great experience. and maybe you could get a part time job with someone you love so it would be double the fun! having a part-time job can also make you a little wiser.. you know?!

read a book:

the best way to forget the world and dive into another world of your choice! start reading a new book, see what special categories you like in books and get to reading! (also can anyone please tell me websites that i can read books from online… thanks)

do your chores:

chances are that you actually have chores to do but you’re too lazy to actually do them (yeah, i’m like that too) so why not get up and do your chores because they’re not going to be magically done!

learn a new language:

why not?! this might be helpful for you in the future! i decided to give it a try and i’m learning Korean.

I’m afraid we reached the end of today’s post i hope you have enjoyed it and i hope it was helpful. let me know down below if you have any other ideas! thank you for reading i’m gonna end it off here, i love you all so much.






12 thoughts on “fighting the boredom/ things to do!

  1. Awesomely interesting post! ❤️ I really enjoyed reading this & your ideas are simply beautiful! I like the idea of learning a new language & discovering a new hobby! 😊👌Overall, I loved this post!

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