how to pack for holiday/ tips and tricks + carry on essentials!

holidayguide.jpgHey everyone,

today’s post is a rather different post as i have never done anything like it. but since it’s summer and i know a lot of you are going to be going on vacation i thought i’d right this post, now i don’t know where this will be going and i’m not sure if it’s gonna be a good post but let’s give it a shot. alright, let’s get started!


make a list:

so first thing’s first.. make a list! write down everything you want to bring along so that you don’t forget anything. make sure you are not exaggerating with what you are putting on that list!

make a playlist:

make a playlist of your favourite music because it can really motivate you and i know i love turning on music and going a little crazy while i pack, that’s one of my favourite things when going on a holiday!

call a friend:

okay so i don’t do this often but calling a friend while packing (weather they’re also packing or not) is really fun because you just get to chat and blab to them and they can also help you pack!

make plans in advance:

think about what you want to do when you arrive and check some fun activities online and make a list on your phone of all the places that you want to visit and all the things that you want to do (like exploring!)

a few tips…

1. you probably know this but for those of you who don’t, it saves so much room in your suitcase or bag if you roll your clothes instead of folding them.

2.before packing up your clothes lay them on your bed to make sure they are not too much or too less and to also make sure that you really want to pack them.

3.put your socks in your shoes.. another tip that will help you in saving room in your suitcase.

4.get the clothes that you’ll wear ready the night before that way it will be easier for you! comfortable, don’t go overboard with what you’ll wear on the road.

my essentials

a book: i need this so if i ever get bored i have a book to read, a world to get lost in! i also need it so i have something to do in the way.

hand gel: this will also be used on the way there the most as it makes me feel a bit fresh.

headphones: duh! i need music! i will most probably only use this on the way there because when i’m on holiday i don’t really stay inside much and therefor i will be outside.. doing things! and tbh even when i’m inside i will listen to music rarely.. always singing them yeah, but rarely listening to them.. idk why!

perfume: another essential i need is a perfume when i’m going on holiday.

lip balm: i can’t stand having dry lips when i’m on holiday so a lip balm is an essential for me!

Annnnnnd that’s a wrap for today’s post everyone. i hope you have enjoyed it. happy june! i hope that all of you who are going on holidays will enjoy it. if you have any requests or thoughts make sure to leave them in the comments down below. i’m gonna end it off here, i love you all so much.




15 thoughts on “how to pack for holiday/ tips and tricks + carry on essentials!

  1. I LOVE your tips!v❤️❤️❤️ Very useful post & I really enjoyed reading! You’ve got it totally on point with the essentials – I can’t go on holiday without those either! 😊😊 You’ve made a usually boring & hated task much more exciting & fun! You go girl! 😍😍

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