my interview with the smiling dreamer

myinterviewwithtsdHello everyone,

today’s post is a collab with the beautiful smiling dreamer we have became great friends recently and we will be interviewing each other. on my blog i will be answering the questions that she asked me and then to read all about the questions that i asked her and what her answers were be sure to check out her blog! and with that being said let’s hop right into the post.

Her question: if you are sitting around and you’re feeling bored, what’s the first thing you think of doing?

my answer: i have no specific ‘thing’ it depends on my mood but some of the things that i do when i’m bored are blogging, reading, listening to music and writing songs.

Her question: how would you describe your blogging style?

my answer: tbh i don’t really know.

Her question: what was the best advice you were ever given & who gave it to you?

my answer: one of the best advises that i have been given was live life to the fullest and appreciate the little things, and who gave it to me… well, a character in a book!

Her question: why are zoella and alisha marie your favourite youtubers in particular?

my answer: they are so genuine and sweet and kind! they shine in their own way and they are great role models.

Her question: name 3 of your favourite songs this year

my answer: ohh, that’s a hard one! i liked so many songs this year. let’s see… shape of you (cliche i know) ain’t no crying in the club and dead.

Her question: who is your favourite actor and actress? (Egyptian/international)

my answer: egyptian: i like amina khaleel and ahmed malek. international: i like emma watson.

Her question: give 2 tips for taking the perfect photo

my answer: i’m not really that good of a photographer but i enjoy it. so there is no such thing as ‘the perfect photo’ everyone has a unique style but a good tip try different set ups and different items and compare them all together and see what you like the most.

Her question: what are your sources of inspiration for writing songs?

my answer: sometimes it has to do with a situation i’m in and sometimes it’s about a character i read about or watched that i can relate to a bit!

Her question: what makes a book appealing to you?

my answer: having the characters relatable or having a different perspective of the world. also having a deep massage behind the book.

Her question: why are you considering becoming a journalist?

my answer: because i want something that has to do with writing.. something that is like blogging because it’s close to my heart.

Her question: what is 1 good habit you want to keep? and what if 1 bad habit you want to stop doing?

my answer: the 1 good habit i want to keep is working hard, naturally if i love something i will work really hard on it. and the 1 bad habit i want to stop is overreacting.. somethings may seem like nothing to people but to me.. i’m different sometimes i overreact because i care too much and i’m not saying that i want to stop caring but to stop overreacting.

Her question: simply, what makes you happy in life?

my answer: the little things, blogging, walking by the beach, sunsets… wow this just gave me an idea for a blog post haha thanks! be waiting for that 🙂

and that’s it for this post, let me know if you can relate to any of my answers! and be sure to check out the smiling dreamer’s post i’m sure you all will love it. if you have any opinions make sure to leave them down below. i’m gonna end it off here, i love you all so much.




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