things that make me happy!

thingsthatmakemehappypic.jpgHello everyone,

so in my latest blog post i was inspired to write this, i think the idea is great because we often get so caught up in life that we forget the things that make us happy, and we should always remind ourselves with them! happiness is everywhere if you learn how to look in the right places and how to appreciate the little things! remember when one door of happiness closes another door opens so don’t keep staring at the closed door. i don’t want to make this intro any longer so i’m gonna go ahead and start the post.

sunsets and sunrises. the most beautiful parts of the day, they fill me with happiness.. they are pure beauty. i mostly prefer sunsets but weather the sun is setting or rising it’s beauty is indescribable! and i LOVE sunsets/sunrises especially on the beach which brings me to my next point…

beaches. one of my favourite places on earth! how can anyone not be happy there? it’s such a positive and uplifting place. i could sit there for hours and i’d still enjoy it so much! it’s one of those places that make you happy just by looking at it.

books. i pretty much can’t live without this, i’m always in the need to dive into a new story.. it’s always just so exciting! and i know i’m alone on this one. the ability to imagine and live in a character’s world is amazing. what are your favourite books?

music. i’m sure you already know this by now if you are a previous reader of mine, music plays a really important role in my life- it motivates me, moves me and even changes me!

this little corner & of course you guys. through the (almost one year) time i have been blogging i got attached to it and i can’t live without it! the blogging community is the best and i know that if anything happened i can come to you and you will help me. everyone is so nice and loving in this community and tbh i consider a lot of you closer to me than my real life friends.

inspiring quotes. whenever i see an inspiring quote it puts me in such a good mood and it makes me super happy. i want to create an inspiration board in my room i would love that! (maybe even another one in the living room to uplift my family’s mood a little)

adventures. going on adventures, appreciating nature and living life to the fullest.. that’s what i want to do more of. because when i do it feels amazing!

roller coasters: i absolutely love roller coasters! same as adventures i feel free and i feel alive!

flowers: they’re just so beautiful.. how can i not love them?

candles: i love love love them!! especially the bath&body works candles.

dance: you probably already know this as I’ve blabbed about it many times before but it really does make me happy!!

the people around me: not everyone to be fair but WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HAPPINESS SO THOSE OTHER PEOPLE DON’T MATTER! weather that’s online or offline i have a lot of people that make me happy in my life and i’m externally grateful for them.

yoga&meditation:  because i love them and they help me and make me relaxed.

when people put in the efforts: because only then i know they truly care.

that’s a wrap for this post i hope you have enjoyed reading it and i hope you can relate. let me know down below what are a few things that make you happy. always remember that the things to make you happy are much more than the things to make you upset-so live your life to the fullest and enjoy it with the people you love. yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come, enjoy the moment and live in the present. don’t wait until it’s too late. i’m going to end it off here. and oh real quick before i forget my 1 year blogiversary is this month! but i have no idea how to celebrate it so if you have any ideas please make sure to leave them down below! and yeah, that’s it. i love you all so much.





13 thoughts on “things that make me happy!

  1. Love this so relatable ,I love watching the sunsets and sunrises ,books,music, inspiring quotes,my blog and flowers
    I even wrote a blog post about it and you’re right it’s the little things that matter💕
    Have a great day😄

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  2. Awww – that’s so sweet! 😍😍 I REALLY loved & enjoyed reading this cute post! 🤗 It brought a smile to my face just by reading it! 😄 (As you already know), we have a lot of similarities, so I totally agree with almost everything you’ve said, with the exception of rollercoasters tho! 😂😉 Glad I inspired you to write this! 😘 Thankyou for writing & sharing this LOVELY post! ❤️❤️❤️

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