how to be more confident

howtobeconfident.jpgHello everyone,

i know being confident is a struggle and even thought i’m not a very confident person i do have some self confidence and i’m slowly working my way there so i thought i would give you guys some tips to help boost your confidence. now you will not magically be confident over a night you need to work your way through, i know some of you suffer from anxiety and i’m not sure weather these tips will be helpful of not but hopefully if you do them on a daily basis they will help you. and that’s all i have to say so let’s get started.

1.compliment yourself: i can assure you that you find the things that you like about yourself and start complimenting yourself with them you will feel more confident. so every day look in the mirror and compliment yourself, weather that’s about how good your hair looks that day or how you achieved something or blah blah blah just find something good and compliment yourself about it. it really does make a difference.

2.sit tall: i have been doing this for a while now and not only does it make you look more confident but it might also make you feel more confident. so instead of slouching sit nice and tall that will show people that you have self confidence! (also really random i heard that when you sit taller it helps your flexibility) uncontrollably: all by yourself in  your room turn on the music and dance and sing uncontrollably… just do it you never know what might help! don’t think of how you look don’t think of what people will think if they see you just dance and sing uncontrollably and only enjoy yourself. and of course if you are gonna do that (which you totally should!) you should turn up some upbeat music obviously because i mean yeah, i love deep touching music but this is not a situation in which the deep music should enroll in.

4.compliment others: so complimenting others can not only help your confidence but it can also help their self confidence. so just compliment people, compliment the people you love, compliment the people you just met and compliment the people you don’t know. go around and share positivity with everyone, this will show how confident you are.

5.get rid of negative people… or just change them: alright so if you have any negative people that are close to you they will affect how you are and i know that people say ‘get rid of negative people’ but in my opinion that’s unrealistic because yes they may be negative but that doesn’t mean we should throw them under the bus like no! but you can’t also let them affect you in this bad way. so always try to be as positive as you can around them and maybe that will change them a bit or just talk to them.

6.don’t ever stop trying: weather that’s your dream or a goal don’t stop until you achieve it. write it down and work on it because if it’s worth you dreaming it then it’s worth you working for it. one of my biggest role models when it comes to this point is thomas edison i always tell myself that i cannot give up and that one day my dreams will come true because thomas edison had to try over and over again 10,000 times before he could succeed. here are some of his quotes that i LOVE and that always keep me going.

  • i have not failed i have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.
  • when you have exhausted all possibilities remember this: you haven’t.
  • there’s a way to do it better-find it.

7.breathe: let it in, let in out. look in the mirror and appreciate what you have.. appreciate the things that god gave you, he didn’t give it to others. sometimes we will look at ourselves and we would look at the things that make us unique and we would be like ‘i don’t like this’ and it’s okay but you should learn to love yourself-to love your flaws and even appreciate them. don’t be so hard on yourself no one is perfect. and lastly smile! smile because you have many reasons to, smile because life has a lot to offer. smile because it’s a gift that should continue to pass from one person to another. it’s okay to cry but you should always remember to wear that crown of yours and smile.

i’m afraid we have reached the end of this post i really hope this helped you and it is not easy but step by step you will become more and more confident i your own skin. if you have any other tips on how to be more confident and how to love ourselves please be sure to leave them down below, let’s spread love in the comments section. i’m gonna end it off here, i love you all so much.




22 thoughts on “how to be more confident

  1. Beautiful post!! I want to be able to dance and sing to myself without feeling silly as I know little things like that make me so happy afterwards so I think I will work on it! And I love the don’t stop trying part too! Have a lovely day! 😄💗

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  2. Such a beautiful post! 🤗🤗 Your tips are really really brilliant & I 100% agree with all your tips! 😍😍 Thankyou so much for writing this – it’s a very important topic that needs to be addressed more! ❤️❤️

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  3. Nice tips especially ‘get rid of negative people’ – being around negative people can be the common ways of feeling inconfident. I used to be with people who were just mean and didn’t really make me positive but negative.

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      1. Hi girly blogger, thanks for your comment 🙂 I meet negative people occasionally, especially during classes, I don’t really see them everyday so that’s good 😊

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