if i went to the UK (collab)

ifiwasintheuk.jpgHello everybody,

today i bring you a collab with sareena make sure you check her blog out she is amazing! and since i live in Egypt and she lives in the UK we decided that we will write about our bucket lists if we were in each other’s countries! such a creative idea (that sareena came up with 🙂 ) so today i’m going to be telling you about my bucket list if i went to the UK.. and that’s all i have to say for this intro, i’m excited i hope you are too so let’s just hop right into it.

i found out that we are going to visit the UK so i do some research, i grab a pen and a paper and i sit down to write my bucket list so let’s take a look at it…

go exploring: i want to see the monuments.. to visit the Big Ben and the tower of London. i also want to go explore the nature there! i don’t know much about the places there and i can grab this opportunity to go and explore them! and maybe go hiking?! i want to make memories and go on adventures the second i can! the UK is beautiful and i want to take the chance and see as much as i can and enjoy it. 

take photos: so if you know me you know that i love photography but i am in no way one the kind of girl to take so many photos instead of enjoying what i’m doing, i’d rather not take any photos BUT i do love photography and i would absolutely love to take photos of the places i go to (and of course display them on my blog hehe) and by taking photos i’m also saving the memories so i can later look at them and remember all the adventures. 

meet you guys: as i mentioned earlier i know that a lot of you live in the UK so if i ever go there i would really like to meet some of you if i get the chance because that would be amazing! i mean i have so many blogging friends that i would like to meet but can’t so i would really like to meet you all if i can. 

have night adventures: i mean sure going back to the hotel and sleeping is nice but… HAVING NIGHT ADVENTURES IS LEGIT! even if i’ll do it once or twice i want to explore whichever city i’m in at night when it’s quiet- and when i say ‘night’ i mean 12:00-3:00 am kind of night! IMAGINE HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE! 

write a massage on a balloon and let it go: so i know this is weird and i know i could do it here (and i probably will) but i think this is a really cute thing to do and i would love to do it if i was there, i don’t know why but i also don’t know why not!

watch the sunrise: this would be sooo cute! watching the sunrise from another country.. like i don’t know why it excites me but it does! 

collect: i just want to collect random things from there anything in general that looks good or that i like (that i can actually have!)

have a picnic: you know a nice picnic in a cute park surrounded by nature… who wouldn’t want this?! 

did you like it? that’s a wrap everybody i hope you enjoyed and i hope i  wasn’t a little off topic i tend to ramble a lot *laughs nervously* let me know what are a few things on your bucket list if you travel to a foreign country, and what country would that be? i’m gonna end of here thank you for reading, i love you all so much.









28 thoughts on “if i went to the UK (collab)

  1. I love this!! It would be amazing to have a night adventure and go exploring through a city at night 😍 I usually just drive by but walking through it and taking it all in would be magical! And watching the sunrise (I’m never up that early so this will be a lifelong goal 😂). If I could go to a foreign country it would definitely be Trinidad! As my ancestors are from there so it would be cool to see what they saw! 😂 I would love to try the food there as opposed to the homemade version 😂 great post! 💗

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    1. thank you! just my thoughts, it WOULD be magical! i saw the sunrise before but never because i was up early… but because i was sleeping late! haha! wow this sound amazing i hope that you’ll get to go there and explore it! i’m glad you liked it. ❤

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  2. Wow! 😍This is such a fun & great collab!Your bucket list is so exciting! 😁Really enjoyed reading! ❤️❤️ I hope we get to go to the UK 🇬🇧 someday isa! 🤗 Thanks for sharing! 😌 I’m also preparing for a collab with Sareena, to be posted quite soon! 😂🙈

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  3. omggg I love ittt!!!! you did such an awesome blog postttt girlll… my post wont post, my wordpress is having issues rn so i’ll have mine up as soon as possible!!!!

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