Why & how I started blogging

why&howistartedblogging.jpgHello everyone,

Today I’ll be telling you the story of why I started blogging and how I did. So if you didn’t know I started about a year ago (my 1 year blogiversary next week) and it has been the most amazing journey, thank you all so much for reading, liking and commenting on my posts! Your love and support means the world to me! I’m not gonna make this intro any longer so let’s go ahead and get started.

It all started last summer, I was really bored and back then I watched a lot of youtubers (I still do tbh) and so I wanted to make my own YouTube channel but for safety reasons I wasn’t allowed… at that time I was reading girl online 2 and I wasn’t really planning on making a blog, tbh I never actually thought of it!

And I was searching for something on google and I saw the WordPress ad… AND BOOM! I made my first ever blog, back then I didn’t know what to do I just wrote a few posts on my thoughts, and then I forgot my password and I made my second blog. Now my second blog for some reason wouldn’t publish any of my posts.. and so


Where the real journey began I honestly didn’t like the names for my other two blogs but at that time I didn’t have any ideas! So anyways let’s get back on track, the first month of girly blogger i didn’t really have any readers and I wrote very short posts I didn’t have much to say and i didn’t know much looking back some of the posts were not that bad but some were so I deleted some of my old posts as I didn’t like them!! And then I thought.. what if create lifestyle content instead of just my thoughts.. my first ever lifestyle post was my morning routine!

I was reading one of Zoella’s posts and I scrolled through the comments and I found some bloggers who also used WordPress so I visited some of them and I read their posts and commented on them and followed them and they were so nice, I then discovered more blogs and I gained some followers! And everyday I would work on my blog and I would go check out some other bloggers and read some posts! And I simply fell in love with it! After my third month I gained 100 followers which filled me with happiness, to know that my hard work payed off was extremely satisfying.

I made a posting schedule and I began to dive deeper and deeper in the blogging community.. such a lovely place! I then moved which got in the way of My blog becaus there was no wifi so it was quite a struggle! I also started school so it was quite hard to stay on my blogging schedule but thankfully I managed!! To be fair tho I didn’t always post when I was supposed to but dats not my fault.

My community grew which made me super happy, i shared my life with you guys over here more often- I connected with all of you through my blog. I talked to so many amazing people whom I now call my blogging friends (hopefully you know yourselves❤️) and I couldn’t be more thankful to all of you! I recently hit 400 followers which once again made me feel super happy. My passion for blogging grows everyday and my love for all of you does too, I can’t imagine my life without all of you anymore! You bring me endless happiness and I am so blessed to be able to call you my friends. Thank you for everything! You all make my day everyday. I never met such loving, kind, caring and creative people- this community is honestly the best! Weather you have been here for a year or for a few days: thank you! ❤️ some of you know the story.. because you have been here since.. well since my first lifestyle post! Some of you don’t.. but you all bring a smile to my face.

After a week I’m going to be celebrating my one year blogiversary with you guys! Can you believe this? I’m so excited!

That’s a wrap on today’s post! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey because I sure enjoyed writing it. ALSO i’m doing a Q&A in my blogiversary post so please make sure to comment down below some questions. Thank you for reading, I love you all so much.




10 thoughts on “Why & how I started blogging

  1. WOW! 😍😍😍 This post is so sweet! It made me smile all the way through! 😁 I felt fascinated while reading your blogging journey and it really reminded me with my own! 😊😂 Congratulations – you’re an amazing blogger & you deserve all the success! 🎉💃🙈👏

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  2. I was inspired by zoella to finally make a blog too! And I’ve found that WordPress is really filled with lovely people like yourself as opposed to some other forms of social media. This was such a nice post to read, congratulations!

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