jealousy & hatred // tea talk 

teatalkjealousy.jpgHello everyone,

THIS IS THE FIRST POST OF MY NEW SERIES!! Tea talk is where I’ll be rambling about life and anything that’s on my mind! I’m so excited for it and I hope you are too. Anyway welcome back to a new post! so today i saw something on facebook which inspired this, it was a photo of two friends texting.. so one of the two girls was engaged and she was successful and loved and the other one was her friend with whom she was friends with for 15 FREAKING YEARS! and her ‘friend’ told her that she is jealous of her and that she thinks that she doesn’t deserve what she has, she told her that she wanted to be her and always has. she kept telling her how she wishes that everything she has would be ruined and how she was always jealous of her.

and this got me thinking..

when we pay much attention to what the people are doing and how they’re doing, we don’t live our lives the way we could- we don’t live our lives to the fullest. and it’s normal to feel jealous because we don’t really know the bad parts about other people’s lives and so we have this picture in our heads that they got it going smoothly but as they say ‘everyone has a chapter that they don’t read out loud’ and so don’t just assume that someone has a perfect life because no one has one of those! people only show you what they want to, remember that when you wish to be in someone’s shoes.

if someone’s doing good in life that’s great but don’t focus on them just be happy for them and move on, jealousy isn’t gonna get you anywhere so focus on yourself and how you can make yourself much better. don’t wast your energy on hating people or feeling jealous, use it to be your best self! at the end of the day we only live once.. do you really want to wast your life like that? to spend it thinking about how others are doing? surely, no! so forget about them.

find your passion or goal and work on it. sometimes this is the only thing that can help, it’s the thing that can get your mind off things and help you disconnect from the world. pour all your feelings in it and do the best you can. when you do you can turn your feelings to art!

unfortunately we have reached the end of this post, did you enjoy it? what do you think of this new series? let me know in the comments down below. we all get jealous from time to time but we shouldn’t let the green eyed monster (jealousy) get the best of us. i’m going to end it off here-thank you for reading, i love you all so much.





11 thoughts on “jealousy & hatred // tea talk 

  1. Your new series sounds absolutely AMAZING! Can’t wait for more posts like this! ❤️❤️ I totally agree with everything you’ve said throughout this post! 👍 Jealousy & Hatred Lead To Nowhere! 😏 Thanks for writing this & introducing this more-than-fab series! I love the name too btw! 😍😍

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  2. I really enjoy this new series! I think it’s great to talk about more serious subjects from time to time. You could simply write a tea talk, when something made you think (like this photo) or so, then you never have the pressure to come up with good subject that really interests you! And to this post I just want to add a quote that I’ve heard once that I really like: “Their success isn’t your failure”. I think that’s very true, instead of being jealous, we should admire their work and get motvated to do better!
    love, elena

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    1. first of all thank you! ❤ exactly i can just pour my heart out in this series! i really like this quote it's so true. exactly! i remember once reading a book (girl online going solo to be specific) and it had something like that! i agree with everything you said. xx

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