12 things I learned in 12 months| my 1 year blogiversary! 

12thingilearnedin12months.jpgHey beauties,

Can you believe that one year ago this blog was made? Wow time flies by! And even thought it’s technically tomorrow.. I wanted to stay on my schedule and since it’s only a day difference I thought it was okay! This has been the most amazing journey and I’m so grateful for all of you and and I couldn’t ask for any better people to walk with me in this incredible journey. So today I’m here with you to celebrate my 1 year blogiversary and tell you 12 things I learned during the time I have been blogging a.k.a 12 months. Before we get into it I want to quickly thank all of you for following, reading, liking and commenting on my posts- your kind words fill me with nothing but happiness. Knowing that I can always depend on you and knowing that my hard work is appreciated makes me full of joy. I don’t want to ramble to what can turn into a post so let’s get started.

1. Being yourself is much more rewarding than being someone else:

i found so many incredible people in the blogging community and they were all successful and loved and they were being themselves, i felt like these bloggers were so genuine in their posts! and i began to grow a community from being myself on here which truly inspired me-i’m working my way slowly into being myself around everyone& anyone and having confidence in myself because of having this blog and seeing how people on here love me for me. which i’m truly grateful for.

2. You are never alone:

so yeah, sometimes we think no one understands us and like we’re alone but the truth is there’s always someone, there’s always someone who is in a similar situation someone who understands you someone who is willing to listen someone who wants to be there and this community showed me so. i saw bloggers who needed help and so they wrote posts and waited for a reply from their readers and indeed their readers replied with the most encouraging words and some of them were even in the same situation and have went through the same thing.

3. hard work pays off 

blogging showed me that this isn’t just a statement and that when you work hard it does actually pay off. bloggers have to balance their school life, social life and blogging life and this can be quiet hard even if it doesn’t seem so. and going through it and working hard on my posts despite knowing i have other responsibilities really payed off as i have gained lovely readers, built the most wonderful community and overall i made some amazing friends that i never thought i could have from this little corner! (you know yourselves)

4. there’s happiness if we look for it

so one thing you probably know if you have been reading my blog for a while is that i always try to be as positive as i can and make people look on the bright side through my posts. and tbh i learned that through the time i have been blogging, I’ve never been a positive person i mean, i wasn’t negative either but i never really took the time to appreciate the little things or to look on the bright side, i now do!

5. to keep doing what i love no matter what anyone else has to say 

there were times when i didn’t mind people knowing about my blog but then there were other times when i was afraid that someone would find out about my blog, i was afraid that people would talk i wan’t really afraid of being bullied because i could do something about it and i wouldn’t really care.. i was rather afraid that people would talk about me behind my back. at the mean time i don’t mind if people knew about my blog but at the same time i’m not going to tell them! so if they figure it out- they know and if they don’t they don’t.

6. everything happens for a reason

before i started blogging i wanted to make a youtube channel but i was not allowed (as some of you probably know) and so when i stumbled across the wordpress ad i thought i would give it a shot! and since i wasn’t allowed to do youtube i thought maybe blogging could replace that. little did i know that 1 year later i would be surrounded by the most amazing people doing what i absolutely love and having my work and efforts appreciated.

7. everyone is unique 

while discovering new blogs i also discover the bloggers behind them, their unique personality and their different characters, it simply made me realize that everyone is special in their own way and that is in no way a bad thing- i realized that us being different is better than us being the same. that this world would be a boring place if we were all the same! and this helped me understand this world more and it helped me in accepting everyone for who they are!

8. life’s short, try new things as much as you can 

through blogging I’ve tried so many new things and being the person i am… i mean the person i was- i was never really up for trying new things and i’m so grateful that i got the opportunity to try things like these because of blogging. well, maybe not just because of blogging but also because the people that came into my life recently and the people i met through blogging and overall everything.

9. it’s okay to speak your mind.. some people agree with your opinions 

sometimes i would publish posts and i would not know how my readers would react to it, if they share the same opinion, if they don’t and overall i would think if there are consequences. i would worry that people would dislike me based on my opinions… but the truth is a lot of them actually agree!

10. don’t compare yourself to someone else

i’m not gonna lie- i compared myself to a lot of bloggers before, i still do tbh but what can i do? with so many amazing bloggers in this community how can i not? i compare my writing, my photos and even my theme! but as i grow eventually i’ll stop comparing myself to others. i know that everyone shines in their own way and i’m trying to stop comparing myself to other bloggers and i’m getting better at it as i believe. I’ve learned this: as long as i’m happy with my posts and my blog it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.

11. things change 

during the time i have been blogging a lot has changed, my mindset my habits my knowledge my goals and dreams! literally a lot has changed since i started blogging. and even me as a person i have changed (to the better hopefully) i’m not the same person i was. i also learnt to deal with people changing.. many people have changed in the past year and sadly these people were the closest to me. i found out that some of them are fake, some of them act like they care until they find someone better and some of them are just users! the people we thought will always be by our sides.. have left. it’s funny thought because i had this picture that they were one of the kindest people i met. but i learned to let go and move on!

12. giving up will not get you anywhere

there were times were i don’t feel like writing but i get on my feet grab my laptop and start writing. i promote myself, write posts take photos (edit photos) and edit the whole thing! and as much as live gets busy i always try to make time for blogging. and i genuinely love it and so i’m happy when i make posts that i’m truly proud of it makes me absolutely happy. now i have loyal readers and friends who join me in this crazy journey! and i was introduced to all of them because i did not give up on this blog or on myself. it’s important to keep thriving and doing what you love no matter what and blogging has truly showed me that.

so sadly this post has came to an end. i really enjoyed writing it and i hope you enjoyed reading it! also i only wrote about life lessons but apart from that there are other stuff that i learned from blogging like photography and writing and interacting with other people. thank you all for being here for me i truly appreciate it. if you want to hear all about my journey from day one.. from one year ago you can read all about it here i’m going to end it off here thank you for reading (although i really doubt anyone has read this far) i love you all so much.



13 thoughts on “12 things I learned in 12 months| my 1 year blogiversary! 

  1. Wow! So cute ‘n’ sweet! Love the idea! Happy Blog Birthday! I agree with everything you’ve written! It’s great when you learn loadsbof things during a new journey/experience where you weren’t sure how it would turn out in the end! Awesome Post As Usual! ❤️❤️

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